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Target underwent federal review, and it’s officially coming to Canada now

In April, the federal government announced Target would be undergoing a federal review to ensure that there is enough Canadian content sitting on shelves when the brand arrives in 2013. Now, the verdict is in: the retailer has Ottawa’s approval to convert approximately 135 former Zellers locations into Targets. The company plans to offer support for Canadian cultural events and organizations, promote and offer Canadian cultural products (Maple syrup? Planes, Trains and Automobiles on DVD?) and create 20,000 to 25,000 new jobs by 2015. [CBC]

  • Nick W.

    When will the Canadian government just back off and stop trying to ruin our fave U.S. retailers when they come north, merchandise-wise? We don’t want Canadian content. What makes Target so popular down there is the selection of U.S. products we can’t get here.

  • Rodney

    Nick W. So would you prefer We spend millions of our Canadian dollars on American products so our own Canadian business get nothing and only the U.S profits from all the purchases made? The Federal government increased the amount of duty free purchases when travelling between the U. S and Canada, meaning more of our money goes to the pockets of American companies and not our own Canadian retailers. If your aching to spend all your money on foriegn companies you have every right to and it just got easier. However, Target being forced to carry a certain amount of Canadian content will guarantee at least some of the money we spend stays within Canada. If Canadian consumers only ever bought products from other countries how do you think that would play out on our own economy? why create or design as a Canadian? Nick W. I hope someday you see the value in all things Canadian made, we have some great stuff here and some amazing talent behind our brands!

  • moi

    bla bla bla if Zellers would treat customers better and not have stores that look like a flea market, they would still be in business.

    Yeah Target!

  • brooklin99

    YEH Target is coming to Canada.
    Zellers has being treating their customers like crap for many many years. Everytime there are items advertised for a special price in their flyer(s) – you go to the store and the item isn’t there and none of the employees can find it or don’t know what you are talking about. None of the Zellers stores have ever been updated – old and ugly. I’ve witnessed employees fighting with each other in front of customers.
    Next it’s time to get rid of Sears – they provide you with the same crappy customer service – stores are old and ugly. Looking forward to Nordstorms replacing Sears. Already happening.

  • mmm

    It’s about time Target open up here but somehow I get the feeling it won’t be the same as it is in the States. TOo bad. And as for the Cdn govt upping the limits of US-purchased goods into Canada, that is just further supporting US retailers so why should we, the consumer, give a crap and try to make it otherwise? If only Canada had some sense of competition within our markets, we might not have to turn to other countries to supply us with the good stuff. But also, given our limited resources, we cannot be expected to produce and consume the same products as those from countries where certain resources are abundant. In other words, it is expected that individual markets (ie, countries) rely on others for certain consumer goods, which enables trade between countries.

  • lulu

    Don’t believe everything you hear about Sears being taken over by Nordstrom. The media are giving out false information regarding Sherway Gardens. Obviously you haven’t visited some of the Sears stores that have been redone and better customer service. I like what I see at Sears – still reasonable prices, friendly staff and a better return policy. Kudos to the new CEO who is making it a lot better. Why are we so down on Canadian retailers? Let’s try and keep our stores and support them instead of finding fault with every little thing. You wait – the same will be happening in the US stores coming up here. Have been to Marshall’s and hate it. Sears is definitely improving and all stores are not the same. Check out Yorkdale or Sherway Gardens.