Real Estate Guide: Rockcliffe-Smyth

Thirty-two-acre Smythe Park is a draw for geese and home-seekers alike (Image: Michael Gil)

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W03
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $340,510
  • detached houses: $353,727
  • semi-detached houses: $396,375
  • townhomes: N/A
  • apartments: $220,363
  • neighbourhood map: see map

An odd blend of industrial park and natural parkland, this working-class neighbourhood doesn’t have as much appeal as it should, considering that drab Jane Park Plaza is surrounded by green space. Smythe Park—a massive wildlife protection area—contrasts dramatically with the nearby auto body shops.

  • Lambton Park Community School
    50 Bernice Crescent, 394-3070
  • George Syme Community School
    69 Pritchard Avenue, 394-2340
  • Rockcliffe Middle School
    400 Rockcliffe Boulevard, 394-3100
  • Frank Oke Secondary School
    500 Alliance Avenue, 394-3158
  • Cordella Junior Public School
    175 Cordella Avenue, 394-2258
  • Harwood Public School
    50 Leigh Street, 394-2350
  • Roselands Junior Public School
    990 Jane Street, 394-3110
  • Santa Maria
    25 Avon Avenue, 393-5368
  • Archbishop Romero
    99 Humber Boulevard, 393-5555
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Lambton Golf and Country Club
On the banks of the Humber River, this is one of Toronto’s most serene courses. 100 Scarlett Rd., 416-767-2175.

Jane Dundas Library
This tiny branch is also one of the most modern—the place was renovated in 2006. The large children’s section in the basement is a prime attraction. 620 Jane St., 416-394-1014