Real Estate Guide: University

Some 55,000 students and staff at U of T (not to mention the alumni who’ve stuck around) give the ’hood a resonance of fellow feeling

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: C01
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $439,247
  • detached houses: $816,989
  • semi-detached houses: $687,513
  • townhomes: $433,988
  • apartments: $409,874
  • neighbourhood map: see map

With more than 56,000 students and just over 2,600 full-time staff, the University of Toronto draws a lot of people to this part of town, many of whom consider Queen’s Park and Bathurst between Bloor and College to be their practical city limits. With a large percentage of alumni sticking around after graduation, the neighbourhood has lasting resonance, building layer upon layer of myth and camaraderie. Often collectively referred to as the South Annex, the homes south of Bloor to College (between Spadina and Bathurst) tend to be narrow and on small lots, though many are spacious enough to double as rental properties for nearby students. A number of the Victorian homes are adorned with historic plaques—Harbord Village is marked as a Heritage Conservation District. History doesn’t come cheap, though, and many homes flirt with the million-dollar mark.

  • Lord Lansdowne Junior and Senior Public School
    33 Robert Street, 393-1350
  • King Edward Junior and Senior Public School
    112 Lippincott Street, 393-1320
  • Central Technical School
    725 Bathurst, 393-0060
  • da Vinci School
    33 Robert Street, 393-1350
  • University of Toronto Schools
    371 Bloor Street West, 978-3212
  • Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School
    750 Spadina Avenue, 928-3537
  • neighbourhood hot spots

The Harbord Room
Restaurateur Dave Mitton is defining Harbord’s hip foodscape, creating a sophisticated but disarmingly unpretentious locale. The small room has a friendly air; a back patio doubles the 30-seat capacity once the warm weather comes. 89 Harbord St., 416-962-8989

Paupers Pub
A former bank, Paupers is everything a neighbourhood pub should be. The vault has been converted into an intimate nook and the rooftop bar is one of the best summer hangouts in the city.
539 Bloor St. W., 416-530-1331.

Guu Sakabar
The cacophony in this neighbourhood izakaya is astounding. The room is beautiful in warm, the service is friendly and and the Japanese food is fantastic. 559 Bloor St. W., 647-343-1101.