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Real Estate


Condo of the Week: $4,990 a month for a penthouse in the thick of Toronto’s evolving waterfront

Condo of the Week: 47 Lower River Street, Penthouse 39

Address: 47 Lower River Street, Penthouse 39
Neighbourhood: Moss Park
Agent: Ricky Chadha, Royal LePage Estate Realty, Brokeage
Price: $4,990/month

The Place: A two-storey, three-bedroom penthouse for lease in Moss Park.

Bragging Rights: The building was completed just last year, so the glass backsplash, quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances are all at their shiniest. Make note: this unit has never been lived in, so there aren’t any previous tenants to blame when you mark-up the hardwood.

Big Selling Point: With plans to develop the Lower Don lands well underway, and the Pan Am Games athletes’ village under construction, this neighborhood is set to see an influx of new housing, parks and community spaces in the not-too-distant future.

Possible Deal Breaker: The unit comes unfurnished, so out-of-towners looking for a rental will have to factor in the cost of moving their old stuff, or purchasing new essentials.

By the Numbers:

• $4,990/month
• 1,721 square feet
• 7 Juliet balconies
• 3 bathrooms
• 3 bedrooms
• 2 parking spots
• 2 storeys
• 1 balcony
• 1 locker

  • Flootie McTootie

    Who the hell is paying you guys to feature these overpriced hovels?

  • cuckoobrains

    just because you’re not interested

  • nofixedaddress


  • Flootie McTootie

    You’re right. I’m sure people are lining up for the privilege of paying five grand a month to live in a hyper-generic faux loft in the ghetto.

  • Flootie McTootie

    P.S. Shame that TL can’t afford to pay interns with all the kickbacks they must receive from the local real estate cabal.

  • Steve Bako

    totally on side of Flootie… Crap for $5,000!!! Cuckoobrains you must be the realtor who is pitching this overpriced piece of crap!

  • Peter Anthony Bryce Markakis

    that area isn’t ghetto at all there’s so many things in that area I love … for one you’d be so close to distillery and st lawrence market

  • Joseph Carlisle

    Downtown Toronto is very sought after by successful professionals who want spacious living without a long commute. Moss Park is not the low rent area of years ago, the new condominium and townhouse buildings on Dundas are an oasis in the big city.
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  • Butch Danes

    Suck my cock Joseph and take your self promoting website with you.

  • Jay

    Who in their right mind would pay $5K for this? The kitchen is pretty basic.

  • judiek

    That’s the price you get for living in Toronto and having high end design, with real materials not just like the ones that regular condos have. When you can tell the difference between design you’ll know what I mean.

  • judiek

    do you guys even understand what design is? and what living in a spacial space in toronto. Good luck finding something that big and architectural within the city.

  • judiek

    This will serve a bigger purpose to all those who are looking for a large condo space within the city. I’m just a student and I have seen condos being developed in Toronto and nothing has been like that so far.

  • judiek

    I like it! lots of natural light and very minimal

  • Flootie McTootie

    “Spacial space”

    You’re an idiot.

  • judiek

    Exactly SPACIAL

  • Flootie McTootie

    Real talk, this place looks like three mediocre, generic cookie-cutter condos stitched together and listed for three-and-a-half times what you’d pay for an undesirable 600 sq ft one-bedroom in the undesirable “Distillery District.” Rip-off at half the rent.

  • Flootie McTootie

    Do you actually believe the bullshit you spew?

  • hernandayoleary

    Ghetto, is moss park, sorry, keep walking for 5 minutes and you will reach regent park, and when the drug addicts from church street and regent park are ready to mug people for drugs they are going to walk 5 minutes down to your building to mug you

  • hernandayoleary

    5k a month to live in the ghetto, hell no, the building is black, who the hell wants to live in a black building in the most dangerous crime ridden part of toronto?