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Real Estate


House of the Week: $2 million for a revamped modernist bungalow (with before and after shots)

ADDRESS: 805 Glenleven Crescent

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Clarkson, Mississauga

AGENTS: Scott Sheehey, Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage

PRICE: $1,999,900 As of August 25, the price has been reduced to $1,899,000

THE PLACE: This long and low bungalow, first designed in the 1960s, underwent a massive revamp by interior designer Rob Hockley. The six-bedroom home sits on a half-acre in the quiet Clarkson neighbourhood and borders on the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Though the home has a contemporary aesthetic, many of the most arresting 1960s details, including a Hollywood staircase and a sunken living room with cathedral ceilings, have been maintained and highlighted.

BIG SELLING POINT: Thanks to a year of extensive renovations, this house is move in-ready. The kitchen, washrooms, flooring, electrical, furnace, air conditioning, decks and concrete saltwater pool overlooking the marsh are all brand new.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Some may cringe at the idea of moving to the 905, but finding this much green space in the city for under $2 million is unheard of.

• $1,999,900
• $9,676.60 in taxes (2011)
• 3,600 square feet of living space
• 15-foot-high stained glass window
• 6 bedrooms
• 3 bathrooms
• 2 fireplaces
• 2 skylights
• 1 Hollywood staircase
• 1 saltwater swimming pool

  • margarets

    You can tell the house became available because the old people who were living in it died.

    Nice reno.

  • Gloria

    love pic 7 & 19! Pic 7 can you spot the person in the room?

  • Cruella

    Initially I thought, $2mil for this ? But after looking at the before and after and the green space,I love it. Nice job indeed but please remove that tacky curtain from the front door foyer and so glad you never made a sink under some cupboard in the kitchen.A great job, I am tempted to make an offer!!!

  • A.

    Really nice, although I have an irrational hatred for those glass panel stair railings. They just seems like something that should be in an office building, not a home.

    I would enjoy the heck out of cooking in that kitchen, that’s for sure.

  • tony

    Clever use of photographs to manipulate ones impression of the renovation. Pre-renovation, photos are taken with a very narrow camera angle to convey the impression of dark, cramped spaces, photos of post renovation are taken with a very wide camera angle to convey a sense of large, bright open spaces. Kudos to the architect from the 60′s who had the foresight to design such a spacious and bright residence (for its time). The flipper is making at least $500k profit on this one…

  • frank

    why doesnt TL show us , homes that dont cost millions

    anybody can surf listing sof million dollar homes and find beautiful homes

    find us great homes for great prices?

    i know i know

    that takes work !! eh

  • Shelby

    The house is beautiful. Kudo’s the the owners who saw potential in this home! It’s a beautiful home for a family in a wonderful area. I love the pool.

  • I

    The before and after shots are fantastic. The designer has an amazing ability in mixing new and old to give each room a unique look. Very sleek!

  • Mike

    Some critics here! I took the after photos of this property. A wide angle lens was used, but it’s actually a better representation of the space. This place is stunning and the backyard alone is big enough to put another same sized house on it. Personally, there isn’t a thing that I disagree with in this house. 2D never does justice to what it looks like in person.

  • Lenora

    I was through this house, the after shot pictures don’t do the house any justice at all. If your thinking about it, go take a look, you will be very impressed!!! Walking into the kitchen with the sunken livingroom off to the right is absolutely wonderful so warm & inviting. Looking out over the balcony is breath taking. All the walkouts off the bedrooms, the list is endless.
    I only wish I had 2 mil.

  • Chalbe

    Love this house and in the market we’re in the price is “OK” but I do hate that hardwood floor…but that’s just my taste.

  • Anita

    Lovely, absolutely lovely. That is going make a great family home.

  • Fat Chance

    Love the textures of the house,LOVE IT. But why leave N.O.T.L.?

  • Mary

    N.O.T.L. ?

  • ashlee

    hate the flooring,really hate it…………..and TL do people searching for million dollar homes really use this ??
    Show us some relatively affordable homes

  • Bali

    I luv this house BUT who is the person/shadow there…gives me the chill.

  • betsey

    Absolutely gorgeous, not one thing I don’t like (other than the location). I love the floors; the mix of dark & light wood stain is very versatile and visually interesting. Stunning lot, outdoor space and pool!

  • Rose

    Nice house! Great space for a family. But 905 means driving and the Go train. For 2 mil, I would not want to spend too much time on the commute.

  • k m

    You like country living in the city this is the place, in the back yard you would not know you were in the city. I look at the pictures of the famly room before and after and it only attests to the brilliance of the designer. the kitchen dining room is outstanding kudos to the designer I was through on an open house showing and the pictures can’t capture the beauty

  • David W. Sturgeon

    This house has everthing that my son and I would ever want in a home. The price is right and location, location is just the perfect spot for both of us. When do we move in ?

  • Fat Chance

    Mary: N.O.T.L. Means Niagara on the lake.It’s beautiful here.

  • Symon Demers

    Really nice mash-up of past and present styles. Wonder if those beams in the living room are actually solid wood?
    I can easily see myself telecommuting from that home.

  • Vlad

    If you want to look at affordable homes, you can go to MLS. Why cry to TL? As for those complaining that the flipper is looking to turn a big profit, feel free to call a meeting with your boss and tell them you are overpaid, since you don’t like to see people making too much money. Nice reno.

  • Methinks

    Yup, ditto what Vlad said!

    This is a gorgeous home. It’s a beautiful mix of slick modernity and welcome mat all rolled into one. Really, I can’t begrudge anyone who can afford this place. It’s stunning.