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Shocking new details surface about Rob Ford: booze, cocaine and “even a suspected prostitute” in the mayor’s office [UPDATED]


(Image: Christopher Drost)

Here we go again.

Justice Ian Nordheimer ruled today that some redacted bits in the police documents released last week—those that make up the information to obtain a search warrant into the goings-on of Alessandro Lisi—can be released to the public. Unsurprisingly, almost all newly revealed passages concern mayor Rob Ford. Just what was hiding behind those black bars? The Toronto Sun is reporting that it’s basically bombshell after bombshell—a word that’s starting to lose all meaning in the current scandal-blistered Fordscape we all inhabit. Omitted details, according to media lawyer Iain MacKinnon, include:

• Interviews with mayor Rob Ford’s former staffers Mark Towhey, David Price and George Christopoulos
• Two staffers approached Christopoulos about Ford’s use of “alcohol, including drinking and driving” and possibly prescription drugs
• Mark Towhey was sacked by the mayor because he accused him of being “in denial”
• Christopoulos said he resigned “because Ford is incapable of taking direction and doesn’t trust anyone”
• Former special assistant of communications Isaac Ransom told the cops that on St. Patrick’s Day 2012 he went to city hall at 9 p.m. and found the mayor with several people “including a woman he believed may be an escort”
• On that evening, Ransom told police, the mayor had consumed “half of a 40-ounce bottle of vodka and was talking about getting hammered and getting laid that night”
• Staff tried to keep the mayor from heading to his fateful night at the BierMarkt—but they failed.
• Ransom managed to keep Ford from smoking pot in his office
• A waiter at the BierMarkt told investigators that “he believed Ford had snorted cocaine in a private room”
• After returning to city hall that same night, Ford pushes staffers Brooks Barnett and Earl Provost because he was mad that they suggested he call it a night
• Provost says he saw mayor Ford take OxyContin that night, too
• Some members of Ford’s staff told the cops that a few women came to the mayor’s office saying Ford “had told them they could have a job after they smoked joints with him outside of bars”
• Staffer Chris Fickel told police he once saw mayor Ford guzzle a mickey of vodka, followed by Gatorade, while he drove home from a Don Bosco football game (Fickel eventually opted to get out and take a bus)

Justice Nordheimer did not rule that all redacted elements from the documents should be revealed. Still blacked out are dates of birth, licence plate numbers and phone numbers, as well as any sections related to Lisi’s fair trial rights. Also still redacted are references to events concerning the mayor’s wife, Renata Ford, “who apparently had some personal issues during the course of the time covered,” the judge wrote in his decision. “I do not see any reason  at this stage why her personal circumstances need to be made public.”

The Sun published these details just as the mayor was defending himself from an onslaught of questions from his fellow council members at city hall. In the end, the council voted 37-5 in favour of asking mayor Ford to take a leave of absence. 

  • meggo

    ‘Shocking’ details? I don’t think so. :(

  • christinaarcher

    Ford is out of control. He will bankrupt Toronto. How long can he continue this?

  • keta

    I’m very, very sad. Mainly because Chris Farley is dead, and he would have been outstanding playing Rob Ford in a biopic – or better yet a comedy authored by the Farrelly
    brothers – about this absolute mess of human being.

    Biopic would be called “A Ford in Reverse”

    Comedy would be called “Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest.”

  • ZachSwan

    Oh he’s out of control, that’s clear, but bankrupt Toronto? Really? Please. If we survived the tax and spend reign of David Miller terror, I’m quite sure we’ll survive the rest of Ford’s mayoralty.

  • K.A S.H

    sounds like a typical night out for a lot of people…

  • The Rifleman

    So, this whole story is about a guy who engages in behavior that nearly 100% of the rest of the world engages in…wow. If there was ever a case of throwing stones in glass houses, this is one. I’ll bet the guy has pleasured himself too. And said bad words. And lied to his friends. And cheated on his taxes. And might even be a closet atheist!!! STRING HIM UP AND FLOG HIM. Idiots.

    The world loves to do exactly what he did, so everyone should just clam up about it. It’s just not a big deal that he’s using drugs or messing around with hookers. But, the taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for his fun.

  • The Rifleman

    Thank you!

  • Frank Lively

    A lot of people aren’t the mayor of Toronto.

  • philmar

    Miller left office with a surplus – Ford spent it when he abolished the car registration tax.

  • philmar

    I don’t have whores, try to smoke dope, guzzle booze in my office after hours, where do YOU work? I don’t get my staffers to go to the liquor store for me during company hours.

  • Frank Lively

    This guy happens to be the mayor of Toronto, not some random dude having a night on the town.

  • flavourcountry

    Well, he ran on character over competency, so it’s a problem. He’s not an athiest, because that would require a strong opinion. He’s hanging out with gangbangers on Dixon and the very people he’s trying to support the police in bringing down. Plus, the rest of the population is not mayor, so he is accountable.

    He’s not in trouble for pleasuring himself or using bad words, that’s silly, no one cares.

    Most of the populace aren’t hooker-cavorting crackheads, so it’s a big difference. The taxpayers ARE paying for his fun, both when he’s off the job and malfunctioning on the job.

  • philmar

    typical night if you are in a position of little responsibility at work. Not typical if you are in a position of responsibility. Can’t see Harper EVER doing this.

  • chicago dyke, TOWAN

    i know, right?

    um, some of us have to be sober and obey the law in order to keep our jobs. must be nice where that person works.

  • SaveToronto

    You must be high right now – “nearly 100%” of people smoke crack, drink half of bottle of vodka while driving and pick up hookers?
    You’re out of your drug-addled mind.

    How many laws is that Mr. “Mayor” has broken now?

    He’s pure trash. Lard Nation will have to look the other way so much their heads will unscrew and fall off.

  • keta

    Bog’s bruised balls. When folks like you don’t feel the need to hold elected officials to some sort of moral standard, especially on the job, then we all get elected officials like this dog’s breakfast.

    You, numbnuts, are the idiot here.

  • SaveToronto

    And he’d live in a van, down by the river

  • SaveToronto

    Crack, hookers and drunk driving?

    You need to mix in better circles.

  • Robby Breadner

    A lot of people represent only themselves and have no more responsibility than to pay their rent and water their plants… that said, I wouldn’t trust Ford to water my plants.

  • Robby Breadner

    What a larf, the dregs of the Ford Nation still refuse to admit they are wrong. That’s the only support Ford has left: those who can’t confess they backed the wrong horse.

  • p2379

    You must be young and immature. THIS idiot is supposed to be a trusted public figure who is the laughing stock of the world and has belittled Torontonians and Canadians. When you are in this kind of position you have ethics and class……show’s where you immaturity is, if you think that’s OK. Go back to bed, Little party person.

  • p2379

    Not really….sounds like he either doesn’t know the meaning of a normal workplace or thinks he does and doesn’t work at all. he’s obviously in a world of his own :) gee…..he even thinks he’s Chuck Connors !

  • user xyyyz

    I know the column reads “Shocking new details..” but there’s nothing left to be shocked about with this stupid mayor. “Shocking” will be him announcing he’s stepping down and I don’t see that happening any time soon. Time to lock his office as part of the process of gathering information on Project Traveller before he removes something.

  • ZachSwan

    David Miller was a complete financial disaster for the city of Toronto and its citizens. He skulked out of office before he could be tossed out. During his mayoralty, he managed to increase operating budget spending by 44% and capital budget by 250%. He increased Toronto’s net debt by 176%. As a result, Toronto has to pay over $400,000,000/yr just to service this debt. Wonder how much transit the city could build with that kind of cash in the coffers? On top of that, he jacked us with yearly tax increases over the cost of inflation, buggered us with unfair levy’s and other taxes like the one you mention and only survived on his lunatic shopping spree path because he raided the cities reserves and counted on handouts from other level of governments. He was such a financial disaster that the citizens of Toronto elected Rob Ford to fix the mess that 7 years of Miller left the city in. Had Miller not been such a disaster, this city would likely never have even considered electing the mayor we’ve had to endure the past three years. Ford was Miller’s fault.

  • Your Momma

    you’re a f@cking idiot. Anyone who still supports this train wreck is an idiot.

  • Your Momma

    Harper may be a psychopath, but he is not stupid.

  • Your Momma

    Aren’t you part of the same clown show that wanted the city employee fired? Silly fool.

  • Erik

    Is it typical for people to drink 20 ounces of vodka in their offices with an escort? I think not.

  • voicefromnowhere

    My drug dealer has a higher education than Rob Ford … probably higher education than Zach Swan, but definitely lower than Miller.

  • kixxxers


  • worstmayorever

    yeh, I’m driving down the road now drinking vodka , doing lines and prescription drugs. Don’t worry, boss, I’ll be in the office around noon tomorrow—got an appointment with a prostitute then. I’ll try not to mess up the desk too much. What? 100% of us do this stuff, didn’t you know? It’s normal. Even the cannibal parties, with glitter-covered goats and exotic animals—woops, that’s still redacted, until next week.

  • pgate

    Are you Rob Ford?

  • luganman

    calling John Oakley

  • luganman

    he’s your boy, you can have him

  • hellslittlestangel

    Rob Ford:

    Party with — hell, yeah!
    Vote for — what are you, nuts?

  • Bradford Hamilton

    The Detroit News is reporting that the Ford Motor Company is suing Mayor Ford for using their logo on T-Shirts that he is selling and signing.

  • webbrules

    Wow…I take offense that you say nearly 100% of the rest of the world engages in this kind of behavior. I certainly don’t nor to I “hang” out with people that do. I still can’t understand why people are saying this kind of behavior is “ok” – just shows where this world is going!

  • ms.sanchez

    This is really just shit talk and the media is just feeeding off the attention. He has done agood job in the office and doesnt have to apologize about his personal life to anyone. And I am not a crazy Ford supporter but the personal attacks on this man is ridiculous and in reality all politicians do messed up shit that they would not like you to know about. This guy is actually one of the better ones. And fyi if he were a coke “ADDICT” a) he wouldnt be able to keep himself together AT ALL and b) he wouldnt be so fat