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A tragicomic scrapbook of Rob Ford’s crazy, blunder-filled mayoralty

Rob Ford Brief History

(Photo: John Cullen)

We expected a bumpy ride with Ford as mayor, but we weren’t prepared for a self-sabotaging Lindsay Lohan of politics. With a new scandal every week, it’s easy to lose track. Hence, we present a scrapbook of two very long years in Fordlandia.

  • Jamie Drummond

    This is rather crap to look at online.

  • David Harder

    If Toronto Life was any further to the left, they would fall off the edge of the earth!

  • JaitcH

    Ah, FF Ford has a hidden asset in Toronto Life, Philip Preville, a hack who thinks the sun rises and sets on our smoking mayor.

  • JaitcH

    The truth often hurts besides if FF Ford wants to improve his crappy look he should quit his non-stop nibbling and get some exercise.

  • DuddyKravitz

    As always, Ford Nation confuses anything critical (honest) about Rob Fords messed up life with communism. Lol

    The guy is a freakin’ mess!!! To point that out doesn’t make one left wing. It makes one sane!!

  • Dave

    Rob Ford and his enabling brother are a total disgrace to the City Of Toronto.
    They should be turfed from office come October 27th 2014.
    To even leave brother Dough in office would mean a job half done in ridding Toronto of these thugs. As for the so called wonderful job that has been done to save taxpayers money , why have taxes increased 4.5% if all these so called in inefficiencies were found why then have taxes increased and the mythical billion dollar saving being tossed around has no paper work to support it. We do know that 65 million was thrown away cancelling the L.R.T. that was fully funded in favor of a costly subway extension that no one knows how it is going to be paid for. A two hundred grant loss to remove bike lanes from Jarvis St. that promoted bike travel and less cars in the downtown area reducing pollution.
    No gravy trains found , and one obvious gravy train ( police paid duty ) that remains on the tracks along with a healthy pay raise while others lost their jobs to outsourcing.
    The old chestnut of robbing peter to pay paul.
    Why people still support these characters is beyond me.
    Or is it the liberal and N.D.P. conspirators or the media commies responsible.
    or maybe its is the man in the moon.