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Doug Ford calls Rob Ford’s wife a “Polack”

(Images: Rob Ford and Doug Ford, Christopher Drost)

On Sunday’s episode of Rob and Doug Ford’s radio show, the mayor came off as restrained and temperate—compared with his brother. Barely five minutes had passed before Doug dropped an ethnic slur, referring to Rob’s wife, Renata, as “the Polack” while discussing which Euro Cup teams they were rooting for. Later, after a number of callers accused Rob of failing to work with council, Doug proposed a mayoral veto to circumvent pesky council decisions, an idea that Rob immediately quashed. The mayor also let out a murmured “Oh boy” in response to Doug’s jokes about the possibility of homeless plastic bag hawkers, and an exasperated sigh at his announcement that anybody who likes streetcars shouldn’t bother calling in. At the end of the show, Doug, who is notoriously gaffe-prone, did apologize for the “Polack” comment—and then said Rob was going home to his “Polish princess,” which is nearly as stomach-churning. [Toronto Star]

  • iwill

    But she is… she’s Polish aka Polak. My wife ia a krout and I’m a wop. We all come from somewhere… who cares?

  • Go Big Or Go To EtobiCoke

    Polak is the word for a male Polish person. Does anybody know whether Rub’s wife is really a Polish man in drag? If she/he is, Dug would know…

  • John

    If you’re going to use a derogatory slur, the least you can do is spell it correctly.

  • Michael T Butler

    There’s bigger news to dig on the Fords, like the Mayor’s Office refusal to confirm Rob Ford’s attendance at the Toronto Orange Order Parade. He’s sending Gord Perks to lay the 1812 wreath at the Old City Hall Cenotaph instead.

  • dave davis

    Polak isn’t derogatory – but yes he should spell ‘kraut’ correct. People need thicker skin. We seem to become way over sensitive and concerned about offending everyone and everything.

  • Paul

    Shocking coming from these 2 low lifes called The Rob & Doug mess of a show. Cant they really use their show as an opportunity to tell us what they stand for and what they have done and intend to do over the next few months in Toronto ? Pathetic loosers!!

  • can’t blame autocorrect

    Losers, not “loosers”. I see this misspelled all over the net.

    Urban Dictionary put it best: A looser is a loser who can’t spell “loser”.

  • Joe Tory

    People don’t care. I mean, we ARE talking about polacks here.

  • W. K. Lis

    Stifle it, Doug.

  • T

    When i first heard about this lowlife and the remark he made, I must say it didn’t surprise me. What still surprises me is how this goofball ever got into office. I’m a Polak ( get the spelling right people ), and I don’t find the use of the word offensive, thanks for speaking Polish when referring to us ;) Whats offensive in all of this, is that this shit for brains, who holds a political office would use slang instead of the proper reference of “Pole” or “Poles” This clearly demonstrates his lack of class.

  • Michael D.

    They seem to think that Rob Fords brother is a lowlife but no one seems to see how much of an A_Hole Dalton McGuinty is…..

  • Ruth Tonon

    you must be from “fordnation”