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Doug Ford calls Rob Ford’s wife a “Polack”

(Images: Rob Ford and Doug Ford, Christopher Drost)

On Sunday’s episode of Rob and Doug Ford’s radio show, the mayor came off as restrained and temperate—compared with his brother. Barely five minutes had passed before Doug dropped an ethnic slur, referring to Rob’s wife, Renata, as “the Polack” while discussing which Euro Cup teams they were rooting for. Later, after a number of callers accused Rob of failing to work with council, Doug proposed a mayoral veto to circumvent pesky council decisions, an idea that Rob immediately quashed. The mayor also let out a murmured “Oh boy” in response to Doug’s jokes about the possibility of homeless plastic bag hawkers, and an exasperated sigh at his announcement that anybody who likes streetcars shouldn’t bother calling in. At the end of the show, Doug, who is notoriously gaffe-prone, did apologize for the “Polack” comment—and then said Rob was going home to his “Polish princess,” which is nearly as stomach-churning. [Toronto Star]