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Karen Stintz gives Rob Ford re-election advice, offsetting rumours that she wants his job

(Image: Mike Beltzner)

TTC chair and reality TV star Karen Stintz may have handed Rob Ford a pair of decisive political defeats, but she continues to maintain she has no plans to steal his job. In a profile in Saturday’s Globe and Mail that contains, among other things, details of her piano lessons and dog-walking regime, Stintz even offers the mayor some re-election advice. Ford can win again, she says, if he sticks closely to his mandate (think barebones fiscal conservatism, not tantrum throwing and subway building). Stintz also manages a near compliment for Ford, saying, “As difficult as these issues have been, I still fully respect the Office of the Mayor.” We’re just wondering if she’d respect it even more if she were in it. Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »

  • peachy

    cool. she said she respects the office of the mayor, not the mayor. deft political skill. its about time toronto had an intelligent guv.

  • James

    I’m really warming up to Stintz. She doesn’t come across as a dynamic city-builder, but she certainly calculates her moves very well.

  • True Tory

    Toronto Matters, I’m sorry to say, but you are nuts, and that is something coming from a guy who voted for Rob Ford.

  • Chester

    Sorry to say that… but I think Karen is really short-sighted politician, playing politics, not for the benefit of Toronto.

    She really does not know how many Torontonians want a complete, fully functional Subway system in such a big city! One of the biggest cities in North America, also the one that’s without a good subway system.

  • Richard123

    Karen is disrespectful, obnoxious and pushy. Its time to get rid of her.

  • Richard

    There is no shortsightedness on her part. Her job is to spend the money that she has according to an aprroved plan. You can’t blame her for that. If people want subways it is up to Rob Ford to find the addtional money and get an approved plan together. Rob will not do it because he does not want to be the bad guy to suggest that taxes be imposed. He is waiting for someone else to do it for him and/or shifting the blame to others for his failure to get the money together