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This could be your big chance to have an awkward run-in with Peter Dinklage

(Image: @Transit30069/Twitter)

(Image: @Transit30069/Twitter)

There are few celebrities bigger (or smaller, for that matter) than Peter Dinklage in 2014, and so it’s not surprising that the Game of Thrones and X-Men: Days of Future Past star’s appearances in Yorkville over the weekend caused a little bit of a stir. Dinklage is in town with Adam Sandler, shooting a Chris Columbus movie called Pixels, which IMDB says is about video-game experts who “are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who’ve attacked New York.” That may not be the most promising premise, but it does at least mean that Dinklage (and Sandler, and a few other famous-ish people) will be around town for the next little while, so anyone who missed their opportunity to sneak a picture of Tyrion Lannister himself may get a second chance.

Here’s what happened while Dinklage was in Yorkville.

Here’s Dinklage and a transit enforcement officer outside Bacio, on Bay Street:

On Hazelton Avenue, walking past Mark McEwan’s One Restaurant:

Don’t pester Peter Dinklage, folks:

Referring to him as a dwarf in a dream sequence is maybe a little inappropriate, but here’s a picture of Dinklage with someone who appears to be his wife, Erica Schmidt. They’re walking on Bloor Street.

  • Yoav Schwartz

    Ha! Ran into him yesterday… knew it was him!

  • zefred

    FYI the dwarf references come from a famous rant he delivered in “Living in Oblivion” about talentless independent filmmakers, and featured, amongst others in “In Bruges” :)

  • tk

    Man, I would be really annoyed if I realized people behind me were surreptitiously snapping pointless photos.

  • Alan Bacchus

    FYI Dinklage was not in In Bruges – that was Jordan Prentice

  • foogie

    I believe zefred meant that the “need” for a dwarf in a dream sequence (that Dinklage ranted about in Living in Oblivion) was what was referenced in In Bruges… not that Dinklage was in it.

  • zefred

    Exactly. Thanks for the clarification Foogie :) Apparently the whole rant in Living in Oblivion was made as a jest against David Lynch and his tendency to use weird metaphors in his films. And in my first comment, when I say “he”, I meant Dinklage.

  • Derek MacPhail

    You get used to it. Happens to me all the time. ;)

  • Monday

    I would be content just to smile and say or nod hi

  • mukwah

    I saw him last Friday on Prince Arthur!!!! I actually thought he was the rad wee skateboarder from Jackass.