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Canada Post is getting rid of home delivery

Downtown house dwellers can no longer look down upon condo owners and suburban denizens for their tiny, locked mailboxes situated so far away from their living rooms. Canada Post announced this morning that it won’t be doing home delivery anymore.

Before anyone asks, yes: delivering the mail is Canada Post’s entire job, and it says it has no plans to stop doing that. The proposal is to move all of Canada from home delivery to what are known as “community mailboxes“—metal, multi-slot structures already in use at the ends of many suburban streets. Under the plan, which Canada Post says it will implement over the next five years, everyone in Canada will get a mail key, and will have to walk a little farther to collect each day’s batch of exciting offers from Pizza Nova, HST refunds and, most importantly, magazines.

Eliminating home delivery is just one of several cost-saving measures announced by Canada Post today. The crown corporation, beleaguered by competition from the internet, hopes to eliminate between 6,000 and 8,000 workers, mostly through attrition. It’s also cranking up the cost of stamps; starting March 1, 2014, the rolled variety will go up to 35 per cent to 85 cents, and one-off stamp purchases will cost a loonie.

The real winners here, obviously, are Amazon’s airborne, package-delivering drones—but just wait until they try to unionize.

  • Heather

    There had better be a recycling bin right next to those community mailboxes as I for one will not be carrying junk mail home. Oh and by the way, whose lawn are they putting this on? I don’t recall lots of excess space in many downtown neighbourhoods.

  • ocscorpio

    With the ridiculously high postal rates CP charges, now they want to start delivering LESS service for what we pay? It’s actually cheaper to ship a letter expedited from the U.S. to Canada than it is to ship the same letter through Canada Post within the same province.

  • Joseph

    So what’s next? Canada Post cancels postal services? Sounds about right.

  • MoonCakez

    I don’t know about other city/town but my town (Richmond Hill) has a recycling bin beside the mailbox where you can dump your junk mails.

  • Riality

    Great!! Where are my ‘little too big packages’ gonna go? Back to the post office to get picked up the NEXT DAY?? I live at the end of the street. Its NOT going on my lawn, or gov’t boulevard grass which i manicure just to get trampled…Oh and when it snows… Do I have to shovel snd salt for the whole neighbourhood, and liable to get sued if someone slips?? This is ridiculous! Oh one more thing…How does one RTS when they walk all the way home with a neighbours or strangers mail accidentally? No one’s gonna keep mail and return it to the PO if its not theirs!

  • Fred Pleinis

    canada post keeps this up[ they will soon be bankrupt. thank god i retired 5 years ago. my pebsion should be safe.

  • Startutus

    I live in whitby now, so this was a change for me, not having the mail come to front door. The little too big packages, you get a key in your mailbox to another box (in the same unit), that is larger, open it and your package is there, drop that key back into the mailbox slot (for pick up)…. For return to sender, drop into outgoing mail box slot. With the community mailboxes, I check my mail only every 2 weeks, I know I should check more, I just forget with not having a mail box at my door, and most mail is junk mail now.

  • Startutus

    No recycling bin next to my community mailbox, so yes, walk home with ALL that junk mail.

  • Marci

    I don’t understand why people are freaking out about the mail like this. I’ve had a community mail box all my life and it’s so not a big deal. Larger packages get put in the bigger slots in the same community mail box, a key is put in my small box and I put the key back in the mail slot after I’m done. The mail man rings my doorbell if there’s a very large package, if someone answers, perfect, if not, well it’s the exact same as door to door service, I go and pick it up at my local post office the next day. The mail man also shovels and salts the mailbox area whenever there’s snow/ice. Our mail man is very nice and always tries and delivers packages to us first, before giving us a pick up notice.

  • ROMA


  • Eli

    Eliminating home
    delivery is just one of several cost-saving measures only for Canada Post, not for people who pay
    for this delivery and don’t want to go somewhere to get mail. People won’t be
    glad to walk a little farther to collect each
    day’s batch of exciting offers from Pizza Nova, HST refunds and, most
    importantly, magazines. And what about
    elderly people? They will also need to go to collect the mail…The cost of
    stamps is just ridiculous, people will stop buying them and that’s all. The Government
    only care about their banks and not about people’s needs.

  • Beautetude

    Canada Post is so lazy. I prefer UPS.

  • jem

    I am a senior and it is not doing me any good to have a mail person since they never deliver my parcels. They claim that no one was home meanwhile I am sitting at home all day just to find out at the end of the day that they did not bother to deliver my stuff. So why pay these lazy bums. Let them go out and find a real job

  • Dave Brabant

    im so fucking pissed we pay these losers with our tax money to come and deliver us our packages!!as i cannot get around bycar i have things delivered!the bums they hired with a rusty old car leaking gas dont even get out of there car to deliver packages they literally hang out the side throw all my newspapers on the floor and put my box in there!When a packAGE IS ANY BIGGER THEN MY FIST THEY DONT EVEN BOTHER COMMING BY THEY JUST LEAVE A POST OFFICE PICKUP PAPER the post office is 15 km away and im on foot not i have to go walk and pick up a 50lbs computer 15 km awayon foot!I could do a better job on my bicycle!Canada post delivering the mail is your only job!i dont pay 50$ shipping to have to walk to place next to where i could buy my item without shipping!!!!! IM filing a complaint for every package i have comming and thats like 15

  • Dave Brabant

    on top of that bs it sais attempted delivery ibeen waiting all day