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Woman gets “DRAKE” tattooed on her forehead because, let’s face it, she’s an idiot

Drake tattoo (Image: Norm from Will Rise tattoo parlour)

In one of those “so sad you have to laugh” stories, a Los Angeles woman has had the name of Toronto rapper Drake inked across her forehead. We quickly disproved any relation to the hotel, coffee cake, pirate or winged reptiles; rather, she appears to have gotten her inspiration from some not-so-subliminal messages in Drake’s song “Free Spirit.” From the song: “Tat my name on you, so I know it’s real/ Tat my fuckin’ name on you, so I know it’s real/ I know it hurts, but I ain’t trying to hear it/ ’Cause when I’m not around, I still be there in spirit.” It’s certainly one of the more idiotic tattoos we’ve seen, and there’s quite a bit of competition. The hooligans at Vice managed to track down the man responsible: Kevin Campbell from the parlour Will Rise. He revealed that while “her attitude changed pretty drastically once the tattoo was finished” (surprise, surprise), the idea was totally premeditated—she had even picked out the font. The whole story makes us cringe, but at least it proves the Toronto artist is having an impact internationally, right? Not according to Campbell. “The funny thing is, I didn’t know who Drake was. I figured it was her hood or some shit, not some goofnugget R & B dude,” he said. “I guess I feel bad that this dumb-ass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”

The Story Behind Drake’s Best Headline Yet [Vice]

[UPDATE] Check out Zac Efron’s Drake tattoo »

  • David Topping

    This is a very good headline.

  • Zooey

    It’s not all bad! She can just get straight bangs like me so maybe you guys are the stupid ones, god

  • Dumbass

    She such a fucking dumbass!!!

  • Dumbass

    What the fuckk!

  • gordo

    i think she’ll be happy with it once her eyebrows grow back

  • peachy

    more of this

  • Aaron

    “I guess I feel bad that this dumb-ass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead.”

    That pretty much sums it all up.

  • Not Drake

    Mebbe she could get ASSPONY on her neck.

    Crappy lettering.

  • The butcher

    She is an idiot yes, the tattoo artist should have never tattoo’ed her face. They know when someone is part of the tattoo culture and is covered and a welcomed member but she screams that she was just some walk in and they should have known better. They are a business but for a walk-in to ask for a tattoo on their face. That would be one of those let’s talk this person out of it situations.

  • no kidding

    @The butcher

    no kidding…I’ve had a tattoo artist try to talk me out of getting tattoos on my FINGERS, talk much less of someone’s forehead

  • Retard

    legit, what a retard. lmao

  • ha!!!

    Ha!! So good!!! If he wouldnt have tatted her she would have just gone to the next shop and get it…

  • havingdrakesbaby

    Weak. I’m gonna get DRAKE tattooed across my cheeks with the ‘A’ on the bridge of my nose. So he knows it’s real.

  • Pedro

    Imagine what Drake must be thinking… scared buddy!

  • DennisIan

    The artist is just as Dumb!!!
    Aaron you hater!!

  • La Latina

    this is mad crazy, i really want to know what drake thinks about this situation. I think the tattoo artist knows better but to make money he did it, economy tight you need that good ol’ money. lol but maybe this lady just want drake attention, probably think that drake gone give her money for putting his name on her damn forehead, i know that mess hurt ! but hopefully she wont regret it, i wish her eye bras will grow fast ! but drake is amazing tattoo artist is tripping he dang well know who drake was !

  • what?

    why would they call vice magazine hooligans?

  • dtcpr

    I read an interview with the tattoo artist and he asked her three separate times if that was what she really wanted and went over the consequences of tattooing your face and she still wanted that tattoo. She also had the font picked out on her phone. She shaved her own eyebrows before coming in, so he assumed she had done that in preparation for that ink work.

    I don’t know but i think she looks like a f**k-tard… just saying. The thing I find really weird is that the tatoo artist didn’t know who Drake was, I don’t listen to Hip-hop and I know who Drake is

  • james


  • lachakix

    dis lady iz crazyyyy as hell but hey dats her decision!!!!!! hope yuh dont regret it grah!!!!!!



  • anonymous

    can’t believe the tattooist agreed to do it

  • mrs nea;ll

    all tattoos are completely stupid


  • Andy panda

    To begin with the tattoo artist did a horrible job with the lines and overall work. The girl is a fucking chonga that has no brain apparently for doing something like this. I mean really? How stupid does a person need to be to tattoo a name of an artist that she has never meet or most likely have the money to go see him in concert! Talk about hood rat sht! And the tattoo artist not knowing who drake is? Come on that is just plain bullshit talk about trying to save your ass!

  • Thomas Mizera

    About the “Eye Brow growing back”. She should’ve just continued her idiocy and got eyebrows tat’d on to look like under lines or something.

  • Joe Tory

    I have “ROB FORD” tattooed across my forehead. It’s awesome.

  • GAry

    While, at least it’s spelled correctly.

  • Michael K

    I think she’ll look okay if she changes her shade of lip stick.

  • Her Boss

    This did not stop her getting a job at all. In fact I am her boss and when she came for the job interview, I said ‘wow, you like Drake?! Great! You’re hired, you are just what we need around here’.

  • undadawg

    He is one of the best sellers. If that can happen to a weak hip hop artist…then maybe hip hop thugs are the weaker ones.

  • Martian

    All the tat-man had to say was, “Who was your fave singer when you were 13 and would you want that name all over face now?” Favourites change….

  • wtf

    the girl wanted the tatoo it is her fault.

  • Ivor

    Look closer. If it was real, I’d sue the tatooist anyway for bad workmanship. :lol:

  • Jamsterrrrr.


  • Jeanne

    I Think she has all the right to have that name tattooed on her forehead!
    She is an individual! She is not like so many women, who only follow a trend, but do not dare to set one!

    I have a very nice tattoo, covering almost all of my forehead. I love it! I have straight bangs, so I can show it or not, what ever I feel likle.

    Now I and my boyfriend are planning something for my cheeks. I won’t be able to hide that!
    It is a real commitment, but I am an induvidual and all those negative commenters can go shit in their hats!

    I love the way I look!
    I’m proud of my facial tatoo!!

    By the way, I had my eyebrows, eyeliner and eyeshadow done too. My lips are permanently wonderful bright red!

    Dare to live! Jeanne.

  • Catherine

    so fake…

  • jlg98989

    See a shrink.

  • Frank

    Zoey, you just made yourself seem like a bigger dumbass than the stupid tattoo girl… good job

  • Bonnita

    Oh my gosh. What a crazy girl. I bet she has never even met him. I wouldnt ger my husbands name on me let alone someone I have never met. What if he does something you dont like and then you change ur mind. I feel bad for her but that is just stupid. And he is stupid for telling us to do that in his song. He should know better. There are lots of kids out here that listen to him. Not cool drake.

  • Kel Rowland

    But her nose is big, so she’s fucked either way! :)

  • markentingh

    If she wore a gold crown that emphasized the tattoo, it could look cool. just sayin.