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Toronto’s 30 Best Doctors

Toronto's 30 Best Doctors: Pain Medicine
Pain Medicine 
Allan Gordon, 69
Director of the Wasser Pain Management Centre,
Mount Sinai

When Gordon started Sinai’s pioneering pain clinic in 1999, many doctors still didn’t believe in the existence of fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by widespread pain and fatigue, easily dismissed, like many chronic pain conditions, as psychosomatic. Gordon’s clinic is like a warm embrace for people who’ve lived for years with every kind of pain you can imagine: headaches, irritable bowel ­syndrome, and genital, joint, back and muscle pain. ­Gordon uses a hospital-wide team of varied specialists offering not only conventional physical treatments (massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture) but also psychiatry and cognitive behavioural therapy to get at pain from all angles. It’s not an approach a recent patient expected when she came to Gordon with debilitating pain. They spent an hour talking about her divorce, depression and alcoholism, which went on to shape the treatment plan: a mix of emotional and physical approaches that work to tackle the acute pain while also arming the patient with long-term coping strategies.