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Toronto’s 30 Best Doctors

The hospitals, clinics and specialists providing first-rate care

Toronto's 30 Best Doctors

This city is the hub of medical research in Canada, with dozens of state-of-the-art facilities and new labs opening all the time. And Torontonians are the lucky beneficiaries, with access to fantastically talented doctors—they’re the stars of the medical world and the people who may well save your life.

Below, we profile these stars—the city’s top physicians. To assemble the list, we spoke to prominent figures in the city’s medical community and polled nearly 1,000 Toronto doctors, asking them to nominate the best practitioners in prominent specialties—everything from cancer care to urology. We asked respondents to take into account a ­nominee’s skills, reputation and contributions to a medical field. Here are the doctors other doctors would trust with their lives.

Doctor headshots courtesy of their respective institutions

  • LC

    Why no pulmonologist? What about lung health?

  • Benja75

    Can’t believe you have a stereotypical roboquack performing a few too many (ignoring new PSA testing guidelines) prostatectomies at the top of your list. The hair gel should have tipped you off that he is cutting for his own ego instead of the patient.

  • RZ1988

    Benja75, that is a really disrespectful comment to post on the internet. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you are such a critic, why don’t you undergo years of intense medical training and see what contributions you can make to the field of medicine. Congratulations to all of the fine physicians and surgeons whose have been recognized by Toronto life for their dedication to medicine.

  • Clive Holloway

    I have been a patient of the person in question for over seven years on. He does not ignore PSA guidelines, I have been carefully monitored with biopsies only as appropriate from PSA results. He does not believe in unnecessary invasive procedures. As a result I have been spared the ongoing problems of two of my cousins of approximately the same age and genetic disposition.

  • archang18

    Radiation oncology =/= Radiology….

  • I know

    a immediate family member saw Gordon and his team, they never provided any alternate treatment options not other feedback except to get him on methadone and then send through the hoops. It was so bad he luckily avoided a absolute nervous breakdown and had to shop for new docs due to his chronic pain (due to spinal deformation) and basically I can not add more. The team never offered any hope. Gordon was a great listener and knows what really helps but the abuse in society has scared them straight into blindness. ps;, he was tested for drugs of other sorts and 2nd test came up false + .. a legitimate shame.

  • I know

    sure … but then again we are all human. As per my comment. they do have it hard.

  • I know

    Ps; if you have a half decent doc keep him her as long as you can … our family is still in midst of a absolute travesty and Etobicoke has few solid English speaking and well rounded docs. I had to go through the College website for hours on end to call 100+ GTA wide for me and family. god help us. Hold on to you doc if you like them 50%.

  • monkeyduck

    Heather Ross is an incredible cardiologist, but she is not a heart surgeon. It would have been nice if in copying the numerous US “Top Doctors” issues Toronto Life had paid more attention to editorial veracity.

  • rousquilles

    This list is utterly incomplete without Shaf Keshavjee on it.

  • InPain

    I too was at the Wasser for a couple of years. I found them MILDLY helpful, yet NOWHERE NEAR the comprehensiveness found in their Clinic – only on their Website!!! I waited continually7-8 months AFTER I was in the Clinic to get some Pain CBT/Mindfullness Programme they offer, but the evil Nurse Marilyn kept bumping me and bumping me with a new excuse each time. They try to sell you their Clinic, but my experience there was with a Doctor who was sooooooo grumpy and even mean! I never found proper pain management nor support from that Clinic. It’s a sham.

  • I know

    Pain CBT/Mindfullness Programme?? you got to be kidding me, i was in total dark as they never ever even after several months they were horrific. Yes marylin or whoever she was that meany bully was not nice. This place needs to be audited and spy cams brought in. Cut all and all funding immediately.

  • Maggie Mae

    Dr. Flannery is a concerned, patient, understanding Doc. Knows how to drill down to the bottom of the problem pile and work upwards to regained mobility. It may take time, but he takes the time. Not many like him out there. Glad to see his name in the top Docs of Toronto – he deserves to be there.

  • Tom

    What about the Doctors of chiropractic, dental medicine, veterinarian medicine, optometry??

  • pain management doctors albuqu

    Useful information shared.

  • Dr. Mazzarella

    Research has shown physical medicine treatments such as chiropractic that activate neurological reflexes stimulating the PAG and acupuncture which deactivates limbic system structures such as the amygdala provide significant pain relief for both nociceptive and neuropathic pain processes. This compared to the medical approach of spinal injections in which research shows that pain relief occurs in 50% of the patients with treatments needing to occur on a weekly basis results in a perceived bias of what the best type of pain medicine is. For those truly in pain physical medicine treatments such as manipulation and acupuncture along with exercise (dependent on heart rate) should always be tried prior to pharmacological intervention. If these treatments do not work, as every person is unique and their symptoms are unique, then pharmacological intervention and injections can be utilized. In addition, for patients it is your responsibility to take control of your health. If you have chronic pain, ensure that your doctor is qualified to evaluate and treat your pain. One simple way is to see if your doctor has obtained Diplomat status with the American or Canadian Academy of Pain Management. Credentialing is important, not only as it shows the doctor has taken the time to learn about the topic, but also in that a credentialed doctor is required to continue to learn about the topic which keeps them up to date on pain medicine research as medicine is every changing. As a Diplomat with the American and Canadian Academy of Pain Management I am required to take 100 hours of continuing education every 4 years in pain medicine. For more information on pain management please see my website.