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Get your tickets now for Toronto’s third annual chicken wing festival

(Image: Ernesto Andrade)

(Image: Ernesto Andrade)

As food fests go, the Toronto Wing Festival falls on the low-frills, no-nonsense end of the spectrum: the beer is Steam Whistle, the crowd is jock-heavy and the menu is 100 per cent bird wings—albeit, cloaked in a diverse range of batters and sauces. This year’s edition takes place on May 4th at the Daniels Spectrum Centre in Regent Park. Toronto wing specialists like Real Sports and Lou Dawg’s will be competing in various judging categories, including “Exotic,” “Suicide” and “People’s Choice.” Last year’s event was so popular that the organizers are selling twice the number of tickets this time around. For $30, attendees get as many wings as they care to devour—and, hopefully, unlimited wet naps.

Toronto Wing Festival, Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. E.,

  • Jayandjay

    Uh .. like, yeaaah!

  • paddyjg


  • laura iaccino

    “Last year’s event was so popular that the organizers are selling twice the number of tickets this time around.”

    Hopefully they don’t plan on selling more than the venue can hold.

  • Badd Beau

    no,they are more then ready ! the more popular the better .

  • Badd Beau

    Im IN !

  • Stella Benz

    Same organizers as the clusterf&ck that was the Grilled Cheese Festival? Woohoo, let’s just sell lots and lots of tickets!

  • thepuffytaco

    If they were serving Sumersby then it would be perfect.

  • Basshat

    Really Beau? I bet anyone who was at the grilled cheese festival would giggle at that idea.

  • Tamara Therese

    Can someone please advise if these are the same vendors that hosted the Grilled Cheese festival which was a logistical disaster.

  • bobby McFee

    If its the same jokers who organized the grilled cheese fest, stay far far away! “Well Tom who cares if people cant move or even get to the samples look at all the money we made selling all these tix,, muuhaaahaaa!!”

  • Mark Berg

    Hey Stella,

    Defiantly not the same organizers! This event is being run the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline, and I can assure we’re taking this event very seriously.

    It’s something we want to grow and expand over time, so customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

    If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask! :)

  • Brad

    It doesn’t look like the hacks that botched Poutine Fest and Grilled Cheese Fest (Joylister). This one seems to be a fundraiser from the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline and in their third year.

    Too bad Joylister has soured people so thoroughly that legit foodie festivals have to identify themselves as ‘Not the Poutine/Grilled Cheese people’ hah.

  • Mark Berg

    Hey Tamara,

    The Wing Festival is being run by the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline Chapter, and it’s our third year doing it.

    The Grill Cheese fest was run by a business called Joylister.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

  • Steven Oen

    This charity event is organized by the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline. The venue capacity is more than double than our venue last year and we are also doubling the number of vendors, so there will be plenty of wings to go around.
    This is our 3rd year, and we wanted to grow this food event slowly so that everyone involved will have a great time.
    For more information on our club you can visit or

  • Andrés Felipe Higuita

    How much for kids??

  • Werdner

    $30 for all you can eat? quite a ripoff considering those wings probably wont even be as good as wingporium’s. most people don’t eat $30 worth of wings

  • Badd Beau

    I would not go to a grilled cheese festival . Sorry . Wings n Beer ,the way to go . Looking forward to this event ,Keep up the great work Rotary Club.

  • Hey Dollface

    when do tickets go on sale?

  • O’Neil Benjamin

    You sure about that. I can box of $30 worth of wings. Then repent after LOLOL