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TIFF Red Carpet

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TIFF Red Carpet: Scarlett Johansson gives dating tips and Joseph Gordon-Levitt cops to smoking pot at the Don Jon gala

TIFF Red Carpet: Don Jon Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt turned the Don Jon red carpet at the Princess of Wales Theatre yesterday into a dating workshop. First, the newly-engaged Johansson, who plays a sexy Jersey Girl in Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut about love (and porn addiction), said you’ve gotta stop trying to take control. “I think we’re all guilty of wanting to put our partner in the sweet little box that we’ve prepared for them,” she explained. “As you get older, you recognize the benefits of learning from your partner and compromising.” Then, Gordon-Levitt offered his own sage words: “You’ve got your list of ‘Well, he’s gotta be this and she’s gotta be that blah blah blah.’ Burn it.” JGL ended with an inspiring anecdote about how, after several years, the Don Jon script finally came together when he was shooting stoner dramedy 50/50. How exactly did this moment of clarity bubble up? “Seth Rogen knows how to smoke out his employees.”