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TIFF Red Carpet

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TIFF RED CARPET: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and a bespectacled Joseph Gordon-Levitt at The Master


Sure, it’s early, but we suspect the cutest, most endearing and funniest #TIFF12 celeb-spotting moment will be the hunched-over little old woman tugging at the sleeve of the Prince of Wales Theatre’s red carpet coordinator and quietly inquiring, “Please, is Philip Seymour Hoffman coming?” Unluckily for her, all the stars of Paul Thomas Andersons much-anticipated don’t-call-it-a-Scientology-movie The Master appeared on the red carpet last night except Hoffman, who plays a charismatic American cult leader (but not L. Ron Hubbard, okay?)—plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s not even in the film. Hoffman’s co-star, the (formerly) reclusive Joaquin Phoenix, arrived in bad-boy form, chuffing on a cigarette. He quickly tossed it to mingle among his public. Who knew there were so many Buffalo Soldiers fans out there? The never-not-lovely Amy Adams, who plays Hoffman’s wife in the film, also walked the carpet, as did writer/director Anderson. We even noticed Jason Reitman attempting to scam a last-minute spot for the premiere. Given that the corner of King and John is named after his family, we’re pretty sure things worked out for him.