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TIFF Press Conferences

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Emma Thompson is adorably goofy at the presser for heist flick The Love Punch

TIFF Press Conference: The Love Punch

(Image: George Pimentel/WireImage)

Emma Thomspon will never retire. She’d rather become a full-time thief like the one she plays in her newest flick, The Love Punch. That’s what the star claimed at today’s presser for the film, a heist movie about a divorced couple who reunite to steal back their retirement savings. Seated between co-star Pierce Brosnan and director Joel Hopkins, Thompson was decisive on the point: “Retiring? I can’t afford to retire,” she said. “It’s like asking a painter to stop painting… Look at Judy Dench. She wouldn’t dream of retiring. It’s not in our genes.” So what does the two-time Academy Award winner have on the horizon? “I’d like to play a really bad person, really evil. And I’d like to do an action movie. You know, get really ripped and get some tattoos… I really would like to do that—possibly as a mid-life crisis.” Thompson, Brosnan pointed out, did all her own stunts in The Love Punch, including some unnerving stunt-driving that brought the pair “just a hair’s breadth from flipping.” According to Brosnan, his screams in the film weren’t difficult to feign: he was “duly terrified.”