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TIFF 2009


A film festival photographer tells us about the best and worst celebrity subjects


Oprah Winfrey and Edward Norton (Photos by Karon Liu)

If not all-seeing, the most-seeing eyes of TIFF are the big photographers: George Pimentel, the Getty peeps, and so on. Last night, we asked a top WireImage lenswoman for her candid ops on the best and worst stars to shoot.

Best subject: “Oprah!” (Really, Oprah likes cameras?)

“She’s patient and enthusiastic,” said the snapper. “And very conscious. She knows what you need to get from her, and she’s really good at working with the rest of the cast on the red carpet, too.”

Worst (after a quick mental scroll): “Probably Ed Norton.

To give a great actor the benefit of the doubt, we surmised he’s shy.

“No, he just hates it,” was the candid reply. “He gets uncomfortable. It’s really difficult”

Difficult for whom, we wonder? A private celebrity—that popular oxymoron—or a public-eyed photog? “For us, I meant. But now that I think about it…Yeah, maybe both.”