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TIFF 2009


TIFF weekend round-up: the top 10 stories from the Toronto International Film Festival, September 11 to 13


Photo by Karon Liu

1. We chat with George Clooney at the Men Who Stare at Goats after party on the Bridle Path

2. Jennifer Connelly is torn apart by bigwig exec but exacts her revenge flawlessly

3. Of all places: was George Clooney dining at Jack Astor’s?

4. Michael Douglas watches sports more than movies; is not a fan of ‘MyFace’ or Twitter

5. Perez Hilton tells us why TIFF is better than Cannes and how he is happy that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are making out

6. Q&A with Hugh Hefner: the patron saint of Viagra is featured in a new Canadian documentary

7. “Anti-TIFF” party at Lo’La delivers old-time Hollywood with flair

8. Mena Suvari spent most of the Vitamin Water party playing with goats

9. Sook-Yin Lee demands party guests share an orgasm story

10. We don’t care about the young folks: the Park Hyatt is overrun with stargazing 20-somethings in short skirts