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TIFF 2009


Alice Cooper gives marital advice to Jessica Paré: Make sure you continue to flirt with each other

Alice Cooper and Jessice Paré: Marital tips, not make-up tips

Alice Cooper and Jessice Paré: Marital tips, not makeup tips (Photos by Hunter Desportes, Magnolia Pictures)

We caught up with stunning Canadian actor Jessica Paré last night at an exclusive soirée in a Yorkville residence. At TIFF, Paré has two films: the rock ’n’ roll vampire comedy Suck, in which she plays a sexy take-no-shit bass player, and The Trotsky, in which she has a walk-on role. Suck also stars the weathered legend Iggy Pop and heavy metal icon Alice Cooper. When asked what working with Cooper was like, Paré describes him as “quiet and spiritual,” a far cry from the semi-violent, and somewhat terrifying, performer who made his mark in this town at 1969 concert by spontaneously tossing a chicken into the front row. (Cooper assumed the bird would fly; unfortunately, rabid fans tore it to shreds.)

Shock rock and ripped feathers aside, Cooper had some flirting tips to share, including a recommendation that spouses continue to flirt with each other, even after they tie the knot. Paré took the advice seriously, although her husband, Joe Smith (no, that’s not an alias), admits, “It’s kind of weird to receive marital advice from Alice Cooper.”

Paré’s breakout role was in Leo Pool’s Lost and Delirious, in which she played the schoolgirl lover to Piper Perabo and dormed with a very young Mischa Barton. At the soirée, we relayed how that film’s story of inner sex scandals at an esteemed private school was, in fact, based on our alma mater Havergal College. A curious Paré asked, “Was it really like that?”

And that is where we end this post.