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TIFF PARTY: Naomi Watts is a dancing queen at the CAA bash

TIFF PARTY: Naomi Watts is a dancing queen at the CAA bash

Watching Naomi Watts shake her groove thang to the sultry sounds of George Michael at the CAA party at Cinema in Liberty Village on Sunday night is one of our top TIFF moments this year. The stunning star was in high heels and a formal gown, but that didn’t stop her from owning the dance floor—she even shimmied to Naughty by Nature on her way out.

Meanwhile, Penn Badgley (who apparently is great in the new Jeff Buckley biopic) was making out on the other side of the dance floor with girlfriend Zoe Kravitz. Not a huge deal, except that Kravitz’s de facto stepdad—Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones fame—was standing there watching the whole scene. Drogo, whose real-life name is Jason Momoa, is the partner of Kravitz’s mom, Lisa Bonet. Oh, and when he went to leave (because, really, how long do you want to watch your stepdaughter suck face?), Zoe gave him a big old kiss-on-the-mouth goodbye. Guess they’re just that kind of family.

On the back patio we spied Chris Evans looking every bit the Captain America in a classic white tee and matching superhero muscles. Speaking of muscles, we spotted 18-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger—although he looks a lot more like his great-uncle JFK than his dad, Ah-nold.

Inside the bash, Colin Firth made a brief appearance along with Emily Blunt and Kristen Scott Thomas. But back to the dance floor: It was still raging when we hung up our heels at 2 a.m.