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Scrutinizing the Kristen Stewart scrutiny at TIFF 2012

(Image: Erin Seaman)

From the moment she landed at Pearson airport to her departure on Sunday, star-watchers have tried to extract meaning from Kristen Stewart’s every twitch and smile. Indeed, her performance in On the Road mostly took a backseat to all the hubbub surrounding her reported split from Robert Pattison and the drama around her indiscretion with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Below, a roundup of some of the more creative descriptions of KStew, ranked from the most unforgiving to the most fawning.

1.“apologetic cheater”
Though the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington praised Stewart for looking “pretty” at the On the Road premiere, he later referred to her as “apologetic cheater Kristen Stewart.” Rupert Sanders, the married man she had the fling with, was listed simply as “director” in the article.

2. “surprisingly poised”
Writing for Yahoo! Movies, Soraya Roberts describes the actress looking “surprisingly poised.” Given Stewart’s chronic discomfort with red carpets and the overall pressure of her first public appearance since the infidelity snafu, this comment doesn’t sound like a backhanded compliment…except the accompanying photo has the star looking rather more asthmatic than composed.

3. “stray cat”
Sarah Nicole Prickett’s interview in the Globe and Mail easily had the most inventive description of Stewart: “In person she is chill but so fierce-looking and wounded, like one of those stray cats who despise your kindness.”

4. “a true artist”
The Huffington Post’s Michael Hogan suggests Stewart’s risqué role as Marylou in On the Road could propel the star into the Best of Our Time stratosphere, asking, “Is Kristen Stewart the only major celebrity of her generation who also happens to be a true artist?” Hogan goes on to note that Stewart is “a real actress” and calls her turn in the movie “a bold, brave, indelible performance.”

5. “we stand by you always”
We can’t forget the Twi-hards and Stewart superfans who broke out the Bristol board and paint for her red carpet appearance. One of our writers, John Semley, noted one sign that read: “Talent, Beauty, Strength, and Courage. We Stand By You Always.”

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  • Ken

    She’s hot, young, and rich – we office dwellers shall ne’er compare. ’nuff said.

  • Falstaff

    What’s wrong with just calling her “Kristen Stewart”? Yeah, she screwed up beyond the telling of it, but that’s between her and Pattinson, and from the looks of it they may be on the road (pardon the pun) to actually being “fine”. So, how about we stop with the negative labels and “compliments” that really aren’t?

  • silcon


  • silcon

    I’m not robsten neigther a twilight fan but this story cought my eye because of the buzz on the girl as an oposit to the forgotten director.
    I’ve been shocked by all the sexism on this.
    How can we, human beings after all this time of existance on this earth, be so small minded and cheeseparing.
    We are the only beings that take pleasure on others suffer and humiliation. And the sexism comes from all genders.
    (sory about the spelling, not my 1st language)

  • Falstaff

    The spelling and grammar are inconsequential. You seemed plenty eloquent to me….and oh so very right.

  • Dee

    I have read the articles written by the journalists referenced above and quite frankly all were complimentary and very positive. But you managed to focus on the one negative word and focused on it ucallimh der the prt of calling it “morte creative”. You took away the joy of reading about her first public appearance which meant a lot to her fans.

  • lol

    So much of sexism going around here. It is pathetic how most of the “journalists” are so bias when it comes to writing an article. So what if she screwed up? At least she got back up again and even took the initiative to face all these stupid press.

    Is this what the media wants? putting all the pressure on her and turning her into the next lindsey or amanda bynes. Grr.. Hollywood destroys life! Just leave the girl alone.