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TIFF FASHION POLL: The three sides of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-LevittIt looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is occupying the man-about-TIFF position that belonged to Ryan Gosling last year (sadly, the Goz has been lying low, with only a single sighting so far). Gordon-Levitt outlasted Bruce Willis—and nearly everyone else—at the after-party for Looper on the first night of the festival, and has since popped up at two different premieres for films he wasn’t even in. That means we’ve seen a few different looks from the triple-named star: he wore a casual, worn button-down at a Looper press conference, a slick double-breasted suit at the film’s red carpet and jeans and a T-shirt (plus nerd-cute glasses) at the Cloud Atlas premiere. But which version of Gordon-Levitt do you like best?

Which of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s three looks do you like best?

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(Images: left, George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty; centre, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment; George Pimentel/Getty Images Entertainment)

  • HLBB

    *all of the above.

  • km

    I love the guy. I have since Third Rock, but my gaydar just clicked in. It’s just fine if he is, as long as he’s happy, but oh man! There goes my crush. Poor Emile Hirsch will now have to be the sole recipient of my romantic obsessions.

  • Meow Meow

    Couldn’t even vote on this one… While I really really like him (you must watch his unplugged version of Natural Woman on YouTube – yes, he can also sing – very talented), his style is off… The small suit thing doesn’t look good, the casual is a mismatch. I would have voted on the nerd look, but the glasses are dated, and I don’t mean retro. There are much more stylish nerd glasses out there. Hope his style improves bc like Kirsten Wiig, he’s got it going on everywhere else.