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TIFF PARTY: Greg Kinnear leads a stampede of actors to the buffet at the Writers after-party

Lily Collins and Greg Kinnear (Image: Zee Ali/Photagonist)

Premiere parties almost never start on time. And even when they do, the stars usually come late. Except maybe when there’s food involved and the cast is hungry. Which is what we suspect happened last night when, at 8:30 sharp, Greg Kinnear pushed past us in the security line for the Writers celebration dinner at the Virgin Arts and Cinema Centre at the AMC Storys building.

Lily Collins quickly followed (in a gorgeous graphic Balmain mini-dress), and then Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato. As the actors circled the Italian family-style buffet, hangers-on offered praise (we overheard one lady tell Wolff: “The audience just loved you, every time you opened your mouth.”). But this wasn’t a look-but-don’t-touch, I’m-avoiding-carbs, Hollywood-type meal. Schwarzenegger (we were asked by an onlooker if he was one of the legitimate kids—the answer is yes) didn’t even wait until he was seated to dig into his prosciutto-wrapped bread sticks and sliced roast beef. The 18-year-old entrepreneur (he’s had a clothing line since he was 15, natch) started eating while still in the cheese line. (Later on, though, we caught him texting over his meal with his elbows on the table, so maybe manners just aren’t his strong suit.) Collins also dug in, but not before showing off her “boyfriend” (her words, not ours), Jamie Campbell Bower, and chatting with Liberato. As the dinner ended, we spotted some of the young stars congregating at Kinnear’s table—possibly getting some film-fatherly advice on the trappings of show business, or just debating whether to have another mini-cheesecake.