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CONFIRMED: Kristen Stewart will be attending TIFF 2012

(Image: Gage Skidmore)

Actress Kristen Stewart (yes, she’s an actress, though she has been making headlines for other reasons lately) will be attending this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, according to gossip blog Hollywood Life. She’s promoting her turn as Marylou in On the Road, an adaptation of the classic novel by Jack Kerouac that’s premiering at the festival, and it’s slated to be her first public appearance since her personal life took a southward turn.

  • Brian

    Good go Kristen!!!

  • jane


  • Lisa

    Will support her forever. Can’t wait to watch this movie!

  • Fero

    Can’t she just finally die?

  • Misty

    Poor Fero (aka perfect), you’re gonna be pretty lonely when everyone dies that has messed up. You, of course have never EVER made any errors in judgment, have you? Must be lonely being perfect. I mean, at 22 you should know everything there is to know about life, right? Maybe someone should follow YOU around with a camera every second you’re out of your house. Then maybe we could all learn how to be perfect just like you! Thanks for taking one for the team, man.

  • gingin

    Ok. Kristen… go, go, go and found a wonderfull life. And if you fall in love again, do it with a brave man. You had the courage to said the entire world about your mistake and also confessed publicy your big love for Rob. Rob don’t said ever that he loves you in public. May be Rob is only a beauty guy. I have the feeling that he is also selfish, false and stupid.

  • Lynn

    Nice to see Kristen Stewart has some supporters in Canada, though I guess some of our neighbors to the North have the same hate on for Kristen Stewart as they do here in the States. What a shame given the fact that none of us really know the whole story, including what went on between her and Robert Pattinson in their private life, and it’s none of our business. It’s also not within our rights to forgive her or not; that falls to those that got hurt in this situation.
    It really must be nice for those who don’t care for her anymore to have lived such faultless lives that they can feel justified in judging her. I know that though I have never cheated, I have definitely made some epically bad choices in my life, but have been lucky enough to have people in my life who loved me enough to forgive me.
    No doubt she and Rupert Sanders made a monumentally bad choice that has effected many other people’s lives, but I’d like to meet the person who hasn’t made a bad choice that has had a negative effect on one or more people. I don’t think that person exists. Hope people can back off and give her a break as well as everyone else involved.
    Judge her and the cast of “On The Road”, all of whom are absolutely phenomenal including Kristen Stewart, on the merits of this film, which is based on the classic Jack Kerouac book of the same name. The book is great. Hope you all enjoy the movie; I hear it is pretty good.

  • Yvonne

    I am not really sure why people are hating Kristen Stewart so much (even though what she did was wrong)……and people do not hate Angelina Jolie (who knew Brad was a married man when she started a relationship with him. Also, what about Meg Ryan….she did the same to Dennis Quaid. I truly feel for Robert Pattinson, but he is young, he can find a woman who is much more worthy of his love.

  • Jessie

    Why do you people idolize a homewrecker? I don’t get it. Of all the people to put on a pedestal, this promiscuous person and a homewrecker is the one you choose? Weird world

  • cris k

    I love her and I support it for eternity. Go Kristen, we are with you my angel!!

  • Katie

    i can never look at her the same way again. people might say that we should separate film roles from real life. how do i explain to my kids about the on-screen snow white when she is less than admirable in real life? she’s definitely no one’s angle. no angle is capable for such hurtful ‘acts’ in broad daylight.

  • Jan

    The first time I saw Kristen Stewart in a movie was Panic Room with Jody Foster and I think she is a good actor. I haven’t really seen all of her movies, but I will try. She did cheat on Rob, but she is only human. Maybe they will work things out and maybe they won’t. It is up to them.