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POLL: Whose beard is the best at TIFF 2011?

Beards are among the most fickle trends, but now that the summer heat has come and gone, some men have returned to the hirsute fold, opting for something a bit more rugged for fall and winter. We spotted four beards at various stages of growth at TIFF 2011: Gerard Butler’s unkempt facial hair at George Stroumboulopoulos’s Hazelton Hotel party, Michael Fassbender’s new and prickly ginger growth at the premiere of Shame, Hugh Dancy’s almost too-perfect beard at the Vanity Fair party, and Dave Matthews with his patchy fuzz, um, everywhere. Who wore it best, and who should shave it off already?

Whose beard is the best at TIFF 2011?

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  • Alexander

    Damn you Toronto Life for making me choose Dave Matthews!

  • Andrew

    Dave is God

  • Beard

    Dear @beardededitors, by which I mean Kevin, it’s clear who your group’s mascot should be.

  • Jared

    Dave Matthews > All

  • transit user

    None of the above. Where is Paul Giamatti on the list?

  • thebeardtobenamedlater

    Beards?!?! What beards? I think these guys just forgot to shave for a couple days.

  • adess

    Gerard is very good !

  • nesedol

    Gerard Butler ! yess

  • davedigger

    So, who won?