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The cast of Killer Elite (but not Robert De Niro) had a party at Maison Mercer’s rooftop deck

Jason Statham and Yvonne Strahovski (Oscar Mach/

Not only did Robert De Niro not stay for his post-screening Q&A, he also bailed on the after-party at Maison Mercer on Saturday night. Arriving at the Mercer Street rooftop was like entering a world that only Bret Easton Ellis could cook up: areas were sectioned off for people of varying importance, including one gentleman who was double-dipping with women at least half his age. In another bottle-serviced area, we overheard two suits waxing poetic about their preferred type of sexual partner (note: she’s Asian, and on one occasion, one of the gents somehow confused a “Norwegian chick [in L.A.] for an Asian woman and it just wasn’t the same.” The same gentleman later remarked that “there just aren’t any Asian chicks in Toronto.” It was an undeniably classy affair, and we can’t imagine why De Niro wouldn’t want to attend, but thanks to a darkly lit VIP section, castmates Clive Owen, Jason Statham and Yvonne Strahovski were able to chat freely—Strahovski was even able to let loose and rub boyfriend Tim Loden affectionately until the next photo opportunity. Find out what else happened at the party after the jump.

The night was young (9:27 p.m.) when a slickly dressed Owen decided to rush downstairs to leave, prompting Strahovski and Statham to follow soon after. As we left, we witnessed Strahovski and Loden getting very touchy by the washrooms—she rubbing her fingers along his waistcoat in a way that screamed “Take me home,” and he playing coy. It was after all, a night to celebrate (with or without a Norwegian chick).

  • dave

    Liking all the Tim Loden stuff. That guy is such a stooge. I met him once at a bar event in LA before they were dating. Good for him though. Judging from the pictures he probably scored her because he’s the only one tall enough for her. Poor Statham looks like a shrimp.

  • Kate

    Wow. You are so judgmental. You have NO idea about about these people and why they are dating. I hope someone judges you the same way one day.

  • Kate

    And by the way, congratulations on meeting someone once. Im sure you got a full re-cap of his life, and a full run down of his personality in those 5 seconds. Way to go, Dave. Good luck with your own life.

  • Keithan

    Loden is a lucky man. Lot of haters out there that’s he got Yvonne and she appears to be happy. Good for them