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This year’s Vanity Fair party was a splashy affair, obviously

Charmed, I’m sure (Image: Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images Entertainment)

There are certain markers that make a TIFF party successful: people need to be happy (drunk), celebrities (i.e. not the Degrassi kids) need to be there for at least 10 minutes, and people need to be happy (drunk). Vanity Fair and Belvedere Red delivered last night, hosting its annual party that brought out guests—and apparently best friends—Bono and George Clooney, who were inseparable all night (the two left Scarpetta moments after arriving, because they had to get to what is now being referred to, by us, as the best after party of TIFF 2011—so far). It girl in the making Elizabeth Olsen was spotted getting up close and intimate with T-shirt-under-blazer-clad Emile Hirsch in front of a giant bottle of Belvedere vodka that glowed red, as if Scarpetta had somehow transformed into C Lounge. Olsen wasn’t drinking, but leaned in to hear Hirsch’s whispers over a Rihanna soundtrack, and moments after, Olsen got up from her seat and left Scarpetta—okay, not immediately, she vanished after a tête-à-tête with Clooney. Find out who else was there and see all of the hot celebrities in our Vanity Fair party gallery after the jump.

Clooney once again was walking around with new flame Stacy Keibler, who likely couldn’t have imagined that an entertainment wrestling career would lead to a Vanity Fair party (ladies, take note). Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgård swung by briefly late in the evening after their Melancholia fête at Bloor Street’s Hugo Boss, staying so close they were each other’s wingman (actors, pals, confidantes). Other visitors included Allison Janney (who was spotted rubbing herself up on Melancholia’s Brady Corbet), Juliette Lewis , Hugh Dancy, Alexander Payne and Sean Durkin. The drink of choice was champagne, being sipped by everyone—media, writers, A-listers—even former O.C. actor Diana Gitelman (she played the Alien Girl for two whole weeks). Gitelman is in town to support Jonathan Levine’s film 50/50 (she’s dating his brother Ross). Alcohol wasn’t the only popular vice last night, as Scarpetta’s terrace proved to be pretty buzzy, with handsome gents Jean Dujardin and James Franco breaking away for a smoke break (or just a break, because it was really loud in there).