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George Clooney lays the smack down when asked about his dating life at the Ides of March press conference

Items not up for discussion: this man’s love life (Image: Lia Grainger)

This just in: George Clooney does not like to be asked about his love life. When a cheeky reporter at today’s press conference for The Ides of March—featuring a blockbuster all-star team of Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei—dared to inquire which was harder, directing, or dating in the public eye, Hollywood’s leading Casanova fired back, with authority.

Clooney: “What’s your name”
Reporter: “Paul.”
Clooney: “What’s your last name, Paul?”
Reporter: “Chi.”
Clooney: “Everyone remember Paul Chi and his hard-hitting interview. Go back to your editor and tell them you asked that question, Paul.”

End of discussion.

  • Tim

    Think Clooney was being a bit of a snob this time around – as the reporter seemed to be asking more of a “social media” question, as people seem to just want to read about Clooney and his band of buxom beauties – rather than focussing on his directing.

  • Ellen

    This old bag should be happy to be dating and to be asked about it. There is nothing more pathetic than an aging grey-haired snob with an attitude!

  • Melanie Huston

    There is nothing wrong with asking the press to stay on topic. The man is here to promote his work, not his personal life and, believe it or not, some of us would like to focus on the films and skip the fluff.

  • SevenDollarPants

    That’s amazing.

  • Vito

    George, george, george… Ma vaffanculo! :-)

  • Syd Ney

    So George complains when he doesn’t win the sexiest man award and is not happy when someone asks him a question about his love life. How hard is it to answer a simple question I mean he should know that his status comes part and parcel with being a celebrity.

  • HLBB

    If there is one thing that Clooney is known for more than his band of buxom beauties is that he doesn’t talk about any of the women. I don’t know how this is a “social media” type of question either. Gossip is gossip and this was a press conference about a movie, not a profile in Vanity Fair.

    I loved the response.

  • Balmoral

    This is Classic George ! Not at all snobby hey let us be real
    asking a guy which is harder working for 2 years or so
    on all that encompasses
    directing a major movie or living his life as per usual
    George controls his public image better than just about
    anybody else on the planet and is so generous with the media
    and fans at all times think about it when did you ever hear
    a public complaint about Mr Clooney’s behavior ?
    The guy looks great has incredible style and never gets
    involved in publicity nonsense nor does this gentleman
    discuss his women EAT YOUR HEART OUT BOYS !!!