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TIFF’s most memorable couples

The newlyweds oozed post-coital confidence (Image: Karon Liu)

Is it just us, or were significant others one of the most commonly spotted red carpet accessories? Nicole, Jon, Megan (to name a few) all showed off their better halves at their premieres. With the festival wrapped up for another year, a look back at this year’s most memorable couples in our slide show below.

  • Six

    I’m sorry but I really don’t see anything wrong with the way Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are dressed. They look great. Very classy. And very happy together. You want the Kidman from the Tom Cruise-era? I don’t. She looks far happier, more serene and confident these days and it’s lovely to see. Oh and her performance in “Rabbit Hole” has been universally praised and she’s probably going to receive an Oscar nomination for it. For an actress, that’s far more important than the way she’s dressed, no?

  • Davenport

    Call me practical but I gave points to the men & women that wore attire that seemed appropriate based on the time of day, venue, etc. to watch a 2 hour movie in.
    Cocktail Attire great Evening Gowns a bit much….

    That being said based on the selected pics clearly the best accessory is someone that really digs posing with you!