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Keanu Reeves bears witness to TIFF’s most awkward moment yet

Actor Keanu Reeves at the press conference for Henry's Crime at the Hyatt Regency (Image: Karon Liu)

What was possibly the most awkward hour of TIFF so far took place yesterday at the press conference for the new Keanu Reeves vehicle Henry’s Crime, a rom-com about an average Joe who robs a bank after spending three years in jail after being falsely accused of robbing said bank. The room was packed full of photographers and reporters, yet for nearly 30 minutes, moderator Robert Gray was met with nothing but shutter clicks every time he asked if anyone had any questions to ask the movie’s cast and director.

Perhaps to break the silence or to help out Gray, who was running out of questions, people started to ask Reeves questions that had nothing to do with the movie. They inquired about his favourite restaurant in Toronto (it’s been 20 years since he moved from Yorkville to L.A.), if he’s involved with any Canadian productions (no, but he’d like to), if he has ever been mistaken for another celebrity (Morgan Freeman, quipped co-star James Caan), and when he last watched The Matrix. We would have asked if Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was going to get a remake, but fortunately, mercifully, the conference ended.