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Media alerted to Joaquin Phoenix imposter tricking fans at TIFF

The real Joaquin at TIFF in 2007 (Image: Attit Patel)

This whole Joaquin Phoenix thing is getting weirder by the minute. We just received a press release (from Mass Media Distribution LLC of Atlanta) warning us of a Phoenix imposter making red carpet appearances at TIFF and tricking fans—all this before any actual red carpet events have even gone down. Our two favourite details in this highly suspicious release: the assertions that the putative imposter is allegedly accompanied by “scantily clad female groupies,” and that “It is the other Joaquin Phoenix who is the fake!” Is this for real? Or is it some elaborate prank devised by Casey Affleck and Phoenix to promote their documentary I’m Still Here, screening at TIFF? Who cares? It’s pretty awesome either way.