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The List: 10 things Stratford artistic director Des McAnuff can’t live without

McAnuff’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar hits Broadway this month. Here, a few of his favourite things

Des McAnuff1| My Litespeed racing bike
It’s the same kind of bike Robbie McEwen used to win his first green jersey at the Tour de France. The bike is a work of art, and I’m completely unworthy of it.

Des McAnuff2| My Fender Telecaster
I bought my guitar in the summer of ’86 when I was playing in a rockabilly band in California. Since then, I’ve used it to play with Pete Townshend when we were doing Tommy, and I still sometimes play with the Jersey Boys band.

Des McAnuff3| My scent
It’s very metro of me to admit this, but I’ve always liked cologne. My scent is Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. I get lots of compliments on it, which is nice, and it’s the closest I’ll ever get to smoking again.

4| Fast cars
I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 since I was 10 years old. I still follow it religiously—I’ve been known to get up at 4 a.m. to watch races in Europe. My hero is Gilles Villeneuve, the fastest man ever to drive a Ferrari. I’m also a fan of his son, Jacques.

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Christopher Plummer receives the inaugural Stratford Shakespeare Festival lifetime achievement award—for a lifetime of being awesome

Christopher Plummer (Image: Courtney)

Earlier this year we learned that Christopher Plummer was to be the recipient of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s inaugural lifetime achievement award, and last night Plummer received the accolade at a gala with Cynthia Dale, Brian Dennehy, Gordon Pinsent and TIFF Rising Star Katie Boland in attendance. Plummer told guests that he was honoured, since he considers Stratford a second home; as well as winning Emmy and Tony awards and playing the iconic Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Plummer has more than 10 seasons of Stratford performances under his belt (he started at the festival in a 1956 production of Henry V). We weren’t surprised to hear that Pinsent, who presented Plummer with the award on stage, was as charming as ever, calling Plummer a “masterful actor who creates magic onstage.” The lifetime award was not a push for Plummer’s retirement, as he’s set to star in next season’s one-man show, A Word or Two—a play by Plummer himself that explores his personal work, his love for literature and how books have shaped his life. We expect references to Stephen Leacock, George Bernard Shaw and, of course, the original bard, William Shakespeare.