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Battle of the Blades, Season 2, Episode 1: the good, the bad and the snuggly

With over two million viewers, ecstatic live audiences and almost as many cast dating rumours as Gossip Girl, the first season of Battle of the Blades was a Canadian sensation. So last night’s season two premiere had a lot to live up to. But the new crop of ice-queen and puck-prodigy pairings looks promising. As head judge Sandra Bezic noted, “The level of this competition is already around week five from last year.” By the way, were the women’s costumes always so XXX? Based on episode one, it would be fair to assume this year’s ladies have a visible midriff clause in their contracts.

We’re as excited as you are for a whole new season of lifts, lutzes and locker room gossip—last year, at least one couple took their chemistry off the ice. With that in mind, we’re analyzing every episode to decide who should stay, who should go and who should, you know, get it on. Our first breakdown after the jump.

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