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Pop-Up Pick: Tori’s Bakeshop in the Beach hosts a surprisingly decadent vegan dinner party

(Images: Tori's Bakeshop/Facebook)

Some of the sweet and savoury creations available at Tori’s Bakeshop. (Images: Tori’s Bakeshop/Facebook)

Tori’s Bakeshop, the pretty little bakery in the Beach, makes great peanut-butter brownies, lemon tarts and grilled-vegetable sandwiches—all of which happen to be devoid of dairy, eggs and, for the most part, gluten as well. Last summer, owner Victoria Vaccher’s plans to open a wine bar in the same space met with opposition from a disgruntled neighbour, making it tricky to secure a liquor license. Things appear to have worked out, though, because next week the bakeshop will be celebrating its soon-to-commence evening activities with a pop-up vegan dinner party. Even skeptical carnivores may be impressed by the five-course menu, which doesn’t list a single sprouted veggie loaf or murky bean stew. Instead, diners can expect things like plum-cassis gazpacho with tarragon creme fraiche, roasted cipolini onion pie and blackened corn grits with pepita mole sauce, all prepped by chef Daniel Holloway of local caterer Urban Acorn. The meal costs $100 per person, with wine pairings, and there are just a few tickets left.

July 15. $100. 2188 Queen St. E.,