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The Wedding Album: Saira & Ian’s musical affair at the Berkeley Field House

Saira & Ian | June 11, 2011 | The Berkeley Field House

The Wedding Album | Saira & Ian

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Saira Zia, 31, and Ian Fosbery, 30, had a mutual love of music that brought them together before they even met. Saira, a fashion buyer, had seen Ian’s band, The Coast, live at the Silver Dollar Room years ago. She was playing his music on the stereo at Holt Renfrew, where she worked as a buyer, when a colleague mentioned that the guitarist was a friend from high school. In 2006, the friend brought Saira to see The Coast again and introduced the two. It turned out they had more in common: Saira and Ian had grown up down the street from each other in Etobicoke. Two years into their relationship, a job at Saks Fifth Avenue took Saira to Manhattan, and the couple moved to the Lower East Side. Ian decided to propose last fall by sneaking a ’20s deco ring on a slumbering Saira’s finger. The plan fell apart when she spent the night asleep on her left arm, so he settled for surprising her the next morning. They decided on a Toronto wedding with musical highlights. New York–based DJ Brendan Fallis was flown in to spin for the reception, and Toronto indie band Born Ruffians played as the bride walked down the aisle. “It was overcast all day, but as soon as the band started, the clouds parted and the sun came out,” says Saira. “That crazy moment brought me to tears.”

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