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Meals on Two Wheels: 8 Toronto businesses that deliver food by bike

Lilly’s Lunches owner Elizabeth Callahan (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Businesses that use bicycles for delivery typically fall into two camps. There’s the cycle-utopians who pedal their wares around town as a matter of principle. Then there’s the pragmatists who realize that two wheels are often faster than four when you’re trying to get a fresh pizza to an apartment building six blocks away. Of course, the diners who take advantage of those businesses are usually just happy for the novelty of seeing their dinner arrive on the back of a cargo bike. In honour of the start of cycling season, we present eight Toronto services that dispatch food by bike.

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Toronto’s Top Delivery: five best bets in the west

Toronto’s Top Delivery: West

A healthier, greener alternative to most Asian food from a takeout carton, Lulu’s signature stir-fries are delivered by bike courier in enviro-friendly boxes.
What to order: The terrific build-your-own boxes, like Hokkien egg noodle with beef and peanut sauce, come with top-quality veg and a choice of eight flavourings, like lemon grass and cilantro ($10).
Delivery zone: South of College between Spadina and Dufferin.
859 Queen St. W., 416-203-2228; plus locations at 350 Bay St. and 471 Church St.

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