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See every course of the R.M.S. Titanic’s final first-class dinner (meticulously recreated by a food blogger)

All aboard (Image: Renée Suen)

April 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and Titanic-mania has become pretty much unavoidable: there’s a memorial cruise retracing the luxury liner’s doomed voyage, a 3-D rerelease of James Cameron’s 194-minute epic and, inevitably, collectables from the Royal Canadian Mint. The culinary world is by no means immune to all this, of course. Food blogger Paula Costa (of Dragon’s Kitchen) has taken the event to her food-loving heart, challenging herself to recreate the 11-course first-class dinner from the eve of the vessel’s demise. Although the Kitchener/Waterloo–based food blogger has previously hosted similar Titanic-themed dinners with others (mainly of the second- and third-class menus), this was her first solo effort. The project, based on the recipes found in Last Dinner on the Titanic by Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley, was a year in making, with weeks devoted to testing recipes and sourcing ingredients used during the Edwardian period. In the end, eight guests were invited to partake in the dinner, which involved $400 worth of ingredients, three days of preparation and assistance from a few sous-chefs on the evening of service itself. See Costa’s entire Titanic feast—including a chunk of iceberg from off the coast of Newfoundland—in our slideshow »

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The Goods



Gary Taxali teams with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce zany coin sets (caribou are not happy about this)

Gary Taxali, the Toronto artist and illustrator famed for his retro, cartoonish drawings, has teamed with the Royal Canadian Mint to issue a commemorative set of coins for its 2012 gift sets. The sets will cover the big gift-giving occasions, like birthdays, weddings, losing a tooth (though we imagine the card would be tough to sneak under a pillow) and the birth of a child. A commemorative “O Canada” set (maybe we can institute a gift-giving policy for Canada Day) and a holiday-themed collection are due later this year. Now that we’re not seven and angling for that Optimus Prime Transformer set, this is a gift we’d love to receive. Hear that, Grandma?