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Stephen Harper engages in human pastime of “dancing”

The Great Canadian Dance-Off, round two (Image: CP)

First it was Michael Ignatieff dancing outside MuchMusic during Caribana. Now, from the Prime Minister’s trip to the arctic, we have Stephen Harper dancing with the locals in Inuvik. In the competition of who can look least awkward when they’re clearly out of their element, it’s possible that Harper managed to pull off the win here. We hope his programmers and technicians can repair any damage that his rhythmic swaying may have done to his parts. Hopefully, this will be the start of a new trend for federal leaders. Given Jack Layton‘s recent medical problems, maybe dancing is out for now—though we know he can sing. That leaves Gilles Duceppe among leaders with actual seats in parliament. Might we suggest Duceppe bust a move to Rick Astley’s hit 1988 single “Together Forever”?

Dancing PM wows Inuvik [Toronto Star]

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The five best Web pranks pulled by Moot and the 4chan crew

Moot point: Christopher Poole's moniker has been taken out of the running in condo-naming contest (Image: Andrew Dupont)

When Toronto development company Cityzen decided to set up an on-line poll to name a new condo going up at Yonge and Esplanade, it failed to take into account the power of Moot and his Web disciples. As of yesterday, the Toronto condo development was on a fast track to being dubbed “Moot,” the pseudonym of Christopher Poole—on-line prankster and the founder of 4chan.org, an anonymous image-sharing forum. The community of Web-savvy individuals is powerfully coordinated and has a tendency to hijack the results of on-line polls. Moot has been officially disqualified from the condo-naming contest, but the fact that he had about three times as many votes as the second place competitor—the decidedly less interesting “Euphoria Towers” (will there be atomized MDMA in the heating ducts?)—is a testament to 4chan’s influence. Yet this is small peanuts compared to his other exploits. To celebrate the group’s almost-victory on the Esplanade, we’ve rounded up five of 4chan’s most notable on-line pranks.

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