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QUOTED: Rob Ford knows what women like: cash

Rob Ford, ladies man. (Image: Chistopher Drost)

Rob Ford, ladies’ man. (Image: Christopher Drost)

“Just money, women love money. And you get perfume and dresses, you know. You give them a couple thousand bucks and they’re happy…and get some treats on the side, obviously, but she says, ‘I want cash, honey, I want cash.’”

Rob Ford, telling the hosts of The Sports Junkies, a Washington D.C. radio talk show, all about his Christmas gift-giving philosophy—at least as it applies to his wife, Renata Ford, who will apparently be getting a wad of bills in her stocking this year, à la Sally Brown. Handing out cash in lieu of normal gifts is clearly something of a Ford-family tradition, but, then again, so is apologizing for insensitive actions and comments. This might be a twofer.

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Doug Ford calls Rob Ford’s wife a “Polack”

(Images: Rob Ford and Doug Ford, Christopher Drost)

On Sunday’s episode of Rob and Doug Ford’s radio show, the mayor came off as restrained and temperate—compared with his brother. Barely five minutes had passed before Doug dropped an ethnic slur, referring to Rob’s wife, Renata, as “the Polack” while discussing which Euro Cup teams they were rooting for. Later, after a number of callers accused Rob of failing to work with council, Doug proposed a mayoral veto to circumvent pesky council decisions, an idea that Rob immediately quashed. The mayor also let out a murmured “Oh boy” in response to Doug’s jokes about the possibility of homeless plastic bag hawkers, and an exasperated sigh at his announcement that anybody who likes streetcars shouldn’t bother calling in. At the end of the show, Doug, who is notoriously gaffe-prone, did apologize for the “Polack” comment—and then said Rob was going home to his “Polish princess,” which is nearly as stomach-churning. [Toronto Star]

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GALLERY: Donald Trump, Rob Ford and more VIPs at the opening of the Trump Tower

The new Trump International Hotel and Tower is over the top—naturally, so was the opening. Rob and Doug Ford (along with Rob’s wife Renata, who made a rare public appearance with her husband), Blue Jay J.P. Arencibia and Maple Leaf John-Michael Liles were all on hand to watch Donald Trump and his kids Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. cut the ribbon on the tower (using gold-plated scissors brought in on silver trays by scantily-clad models, of course). Technically, the 65-storey luxury behemoth at Bay and Adelaide opened its doors in January, but, hey, everyone loves a ceremony, especially when it involves The Donald entering in a procession of Toronto police officers and bagpipes.

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The woman behind the mayor: who is Renata Ford?

For a political wife, Renata Ford is an enigma—neither humanizing homemaker nor independent careerist. So who is she?

(Image: André Carrilho)

Renata Ford is the invisible wife. Most Torontonians caught their first glimpse of her on election night: a smiling, slender blonde, wearing a jacket constructed of leathery gold leaves and standing one step back from her triumphant husband. Immediately afterward, she disappeared from public view. Today Renata remains an enigma, the first mayoral spouse about whom almost nothing is known, including her age, background and occupation.

In Canada, the media generally regard political spouses as off limits. They are, after all, unelected and unpaid. Nowadays, as women out-earn their husbands, head up political parties and dominate graduate-school enrolment, there is less of an obligation or even an expectation for a political wife to play a public spousal role. David Miller’s wife, Jill Arthur, declined, but at least we knew she was a lawyer at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

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