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Has Justin Bieber’s pranking gone too far? Um, he’s being sued, so probably

Justin Bieber is playing with fire (Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment)

First he convinced Taylor Swift that she had been party to blowing up a boat on Punk’d, and now Justin Bieber has directed thousands of phone calls to normal, living-their-lives Texans Dilcie and Kent by pretending to tweet his number and asking his fans to call it. The number on the tweet (which has been deleted) was short one digit, but Biebaholics began trying to guess the final digit, which led to thousands of teens (and maybe adults) mistakenly calling the Texas residents, who will be pressing charges and demanding compensation, an apology and free concert tickets for their grandchildren. So everyone wins—except Hollywood’s latest troublemaker, bad boy Biebz.

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Rob Ford’s old website is hacked—but sadly, not by the Toronto Star

(Image: screen grab from

When the mayor’s registration of expired earlier this year, an opportunistic prankster seized the opportunity, registering the domain and redirecting traffic to the Toronto Star’s website. Since the prank made news yesterday, the page has also featured a “Robert Ford” beauty contest and directed visitors to a Wikipedia page for a certain cowardly killer. It now features the email address and is apparently “occupied”—but the content seems to be ever changing. Given the long-standing public feud between Ford and the Star, this might look like a dirty (read: clever) trick by the newspaper. But the Star maintains its innocence. Which, really, is too bad. This kind of playful scheming is a lot more fun than a front-page hissy fit. Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »

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Beavernapped! Thieves abscond with the Queen and Beaver’s stuffed mascot, then post hostage photos on Facebook

Hostage photos send to the Queen and Beaver (Image courtesy of Jamieson Kerr)

The Queen and Beaver Public House on Elm Street is known for its food, its drink and its beaver. So what does a hip gastro-pub do when vandals make off with its large, stuffed mascot? Apparently, wait for the beavernapping geniuses to put pictures of their crime on Facebook. We spoke with Jamieson Kerr, owner of the Q&B, about the November 5 theft of his beloved totem. “What happened was they posted pictures of the beaver on their Facebook page. One of my staff knew one of [the thieves].”

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The five best Web pranks pulled by Moot and the 4chan crew

Moot point: Christopher Poole's moniker has been taken out of the running in condo-naming contest (Image: Andrew Dupont)

When Toronto development company Cityzen decided to set up an on-line poll to name a new condo going up at Yonge and Esplanade, it failed to take into account the power of Moot and his Web disciples. As of yesterday, the Toronto condo development was on a fast track to being dubbed “Moot,” the pseudonym of Christopher Poole—on-line prankster and the founder of, an anonymous image-sharing forum. The community of Web-savvy individuals is powerfully coordinated and has a tendency to hijack the results of on-line polls. Moot has been officially disqualified from the condo-naming contest, but the fact that he had about three times as many votes as the second place competitor—the decidedly less interesting “Euphoria Towers” (will there be atomized MDMA in the heating ducts?)—is a testament to 4chan’s influence. Yet this is small peanuts compared to his other exploits. To celebrate the group’s almost-victory on the Esplanade, we’ve rounded up five of 4chan’s most notable on-line pranks.

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