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How to dress like a camper, without having to suffer the cruelty of children and bad cafeteria food

After 20 years of slumber, the Bata Corporation–founded brand North Star has returned. Back in the day, North Star used to just make shoes, but according to this fall/winter collection video, it appears the brand has turned to making camp-inspired clothes for 20-somethings who do nothing but hang out, drink beer and roll around on their bikes and skateboards. All joking aside (these sweaters are pretty cool, and speak to the larger trend of dressing like a sporto), we’ve certainly noticed a big push for the Wet Hot American Summer or Meatballs look—even Roots has brought back its nostalgic Beaver Canoe collection. Sadly, whether it is North Star, Roots or something else, the clothes don’t come perfumed with the smell of burnt hot dogs on a stick or s’mores, so you’ll actually have to go to the great outdoors for a real romp-under-the-stars experience.