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The Find: Monocle’s five-piece menswear line for the sophisticated gentleman-traveller

The Find: Monocle's new menswear line for the sophisticated traveller

Monocle, the creators of the Guide to Better Living, have launched a simple, sophisticated menswear line aimed at the jet-setting gentleman. The capsule collection, called Monocle Voyage, distils the male wardrobe down to five key pieces: a casual, partially lined blazer, sharp enough for dinner with clients but designed for optimal airplane comfort ($525), a decidedly un-sloppy monogrammed crew-neck sweatshirt in Japanese cotton ($155), and an Italian-made Oxford button-down ($190). The collection is capped off with a white cotton T-shirt ($100) and a pair of lightweight cotton-twill trousers ($255). While the prices certainly aren’t cheap for basics, these clothes have an added benefit: temperature control. Monocle founder and editor Tyler Brulé says that the collection was specially designed to keep men comfortable in multiple climates: “We came up with a series of pieces that will work in Montreal in January as well as Auckland in the high summer.”

Available at The Monocle Shop, 776 College St., or at

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Monocle opens a shop and a bureau in Little Italy

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Monocle, the magazine-turned-retail operation founded in 2007 by writer and editor Tyler Brûlé, opened a shop at 776 College Street yesterday, adding Toronto to a small but distinguished list of cities that includes London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Monocle’s stocklist is decidedly eclectic: it carries clothing brands like Orlebar Brown, Sunspel and its own collaborations with Porter and Comme des Garçons alongside boutique furniture, ceramic wine cups and digital radios–sort of a kitsch chic, Drake General Store-ish approach to retail. Monocle hasn’t abandoned its roots in media, though: the retail side will occupy only a scant 238 square feet while a broadcast studio and office dedicated to its magazine and design agency, Winkreative, will fill the rest of the 1,240-square-foot space.

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International soft power survey: Monocle ranks Canada a lousy 12th

Blame Air Canada, the CBC and Stephen Harper: the rest of the world just isn’t that in to us. The latest Monocle magazine has a ranking of countries by “soft power”—the ability of a country to get what it wants in the world by using its own sense of legitimacy and attractiveness. Canada, ever the wallflower, makes it modestly right in to the middle: of the top 25, Canada is 12th behind such international powerhouses as Finland and Denmark. The ranking is built by looking at a number of indicators of how well a country performs internationally, including things like Olympic performance and media exports, like film and music. So what’s keeping Canada back?  According to Monocle, the CBC.

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