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Winston, a locally developed smart phone app, plans to change the way Torontonians (and hopefully New Yorkers) hire cars

The cost breakdown of a trip: $20 minimum, $7 base rate and $2.10 for every kilometre (Images: Elsie Ng)

A small Toronto-based team of entrepreneurs is planning to go global with Winston, a new smart phone app that aims to transform the “archaic end-to-end taxi experience.” The application and a fleet of 20 Winston cars launched in the city on Monday, and we asked CEO Aidan Nulman to fill us in on his future plans and how the venture has gone so far. He said the big draw of the system is total convenience—with the press of a button, a Winston car is dispatched to the user’s location, pinpointed via GPS. In the same way, the user can track their car’s approach, which means at least the user will actually know its coming. Once the passenger gets in, the app keeps a record of the distance travelled and automatically bills the user’s credit card upon arrival.

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