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Did Coco Rocha look glamorous at the 2012 Met Ball?

Coco Rocha at the 2012 Met Ball (Images: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Sure, the theme for last night’s Met Ball was Schiaparelli and Prada, and yes, Coco Rocha’s look-at-me pink dye job resembles the colour Elsa Schiaparelli is famous for, but for one of the glitziest events on the fashion calendar, Rocha opted for pants. Okay. We do think this vintage Givenchy pant and matching matador-style jacket demand attention, but it’s not because they’re inherently stylish—they’re just shockingly bright. As if Rocha didn’t already get enough press (have you read Cuckoo for Coco?), here are some of the ways she begged the cameras to look at her last night: tossing her pink tendrils over a shoulder; wearing a matching pink top (as if the canary just wasn’t enough); and alerting the world to the fact that Elizabeth Taylor once wore the jacket and that it has a wine stain that won’t come out.

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