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Chef Mark McEwan and actor Joe Manganiello show up for the opening of the Magnum Pleasure Store (which is not an underground sex emporium)

Actor Joe Manganiello Visits The Magnum Pleasure Store In Toronto To create A Custom Ice Cream Bar

Actor Joe Manganiello poses with fans outside the Magnum Pleasure Store (Image: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images)

We thought The Magnum Pleasure Store, a temporary addition to Yorkville’s retail scene, might specialize in vinyl thongs, vibrating faux-appendages or other sex-cessories. It doesn’t. It sells ice cream bars. Very, very sexy ice cream bars. The brand, best known for ads in which former OC star Rachel Bilson provocatively consumes ice cream in unconventional settings, has launched its first-ever North American pop-up on Bloor West, where customers can decorate bars with toppings like sea salt, chili and rose petals. Present at the opening events were Toronto’s Mark McEwan, who showed off a casual blazer-and-jeans ensemble at today’s meet-and-greet, and new company spokesman (and noted hard-body) Joe Manganiello, who plays a sexy werewolf in True Blood, a sexy fireman-stripper in Magic Mike and most recently a sexy heister in a Magnum promo film that also stars designer Zac Posen and Brazilian model Caroline Correa. In a surprise move, Manganiello kept his shirt securely buttoned while designing his own custom ice cream creation and posing (rather stiffly) for pics.