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Spy on the stars: midday interview series on Peter Street makes it easy to see celebs

Owen and Franco and Keener, oh my

Contrary to popular belief, stars don’t only come out at night, spottable only as they rush from black SUVs to VIP sections. We’ve figured out a way to see them in broad daylight. Over the course of TIFF, our friends at the film site IndieWire are hosting a series of lunchtime interviews with Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer and James Franco, to name just a few. The chats will be on the ground floor of the spanking new Filmmaker’s Lounge (134 Peter Street), which has massive windows that overlook the street. Downtowners are welcome to come by and gawk. BlackBerry users can even ask the stars questions by texting them to PIN number 20878C9E.

The whole schedule of which stars will appear on which day, after the jump.

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