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Arrested Development returns in 2013, complete with Michael Cera (who presumably realized that George Michael was his greatest role to date)

They’re back!

Tobias (never-nude) and Lindsay from Arrested Development (Image: screengrabs)

After years of rumours, delays and vague announcements, it’s been confirmed that the entire original cast of Arrested Development will reunite for its return next year. Plans to continue the beloved but ratings-deficient sitcom have been brewing since its cancellation in 2006, but they were put on hold while the cast members were rounded up. The final holdout was Brampton boy Michael Cera, who was presumably too busy playing ever more hip incarnations of his nebbish George Michael character in Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But writer Dean Lorey announced on his blog this weekend that the original cast—everyone from Will Arnett to Jessica Walter—has been assembled and the next season of the series will be shooting this year (it’ll air on Netflix in 2013). We’re guessing Cera finally realized he’d made a huge mistake.