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THE SCENE: Greta Constantine’s splashy poolside Primer party at an Annex mansion

It was a very relaxed party. There was a lot of vodka. (Image: Erin Simkin)

We wish every fashion party took place at an Annex mansion. Greta Constantine went back to the opulent estate of Michael Cooper and Krystal Koo for the sneak peek of the second instalment of their basics line, Primer. Longtime Greta fans Amanda Blakley and Ashleigh Dempster accessorized with enormous baby bumps that had even the iciest socialites cooing (overheard: “I’d love to look half as good as she does nine months pregnant”). Daniel Johnson of the band Stereos held court by the pool (which, thankfully sadly, no one tumbled into, although there were a few close calls due to some of the deathly high heels being sported), while Jay Levine of Fashion Television and PR maven Natasha Koifman chatted like old high school chums by the vodka bar. The CBC’s Kirstine Stewart and Maple Leaf GM honey Jennifer Burke also made cameos, along with INK honcho Charles Khabouth. Suzanne Timmins—looking fierce in animal print—made a fashionably late entrance with white tux–jacketed Ports ad campaign creative director Tu Ly in tow before navigating her way delicately across the pool to get a personal tour of the collection from co-designer Kirk Pickersgill (the unofficial star of the night was his tiny godson, who was dancing like a maniac and fending off media requests). Check out the scene and read more about the collection after the jump. 

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